Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??

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31/01/2013 at 11:30

Hello all,

Been away since the weekend taking the family to Disneyland, so very little running lately.  I did manage to do 4 miles Friday night and 6 miles Saturday night before travelling and I'm positive we must have walked at least 7 miles each day around the parks!

Did a short 3miles of fartlek last night wehen we got home just to blow the cobwebs away, then a recovery 5 this morning, so feel back on track now (I'm so glad the cold whoet stuff has gone!)

Hope all are well

31/01/2013 at 16:35

I have to admit I bottled my 6am 4miler today, preferring anther hour in bed rather than battling the wind outside!

lol Martin - I used to walk miles with/after my kids as Disneyland Paris (and I'd try to sneak the odd half hour on the treadmill in the gym in the hotel - usually at 6am!)

31/01/2013 at 17:28

Evening all,

We very bravely left that house at 6:15 this morning during a monsoon type rain storm. Rusty wasn't too keen on going so I had to carry him into the car with the promise that the rain would clear by the time we reached our start point on Hankley Common. After all it never rains when we go running! And sure enough I was right. The rain stopped, the skies cleared and eventually the sun came out. All down to positive thinking I reckon!

Kate - good luck tomorrow.

And where's Birky?



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31/01/2013 at 18:01

hmmm, just had a quick 15mins on the treadmill, probably only ran about 8 mins altogether, knee twinging a bit and the other calf getting achy mind you, I did keep my shoes on but did the forefoot thing

JF - do you run forefoot striking in normal shoes?

starting to feel a bit confuddled and fed up with the whole thing

PSC    pirate
01/02/2013 at 06:23
These things take time!

Morning gang. Still raining..... Grrrrr
01/02/2013 at 06:59

Morning all - just 4 wet miles before heading off to my new job, hope the M25 is kind. Happy Friday folks.

01/02/2013 at 08:00


decided to have a rest morning, but will probably go to the gym after work

01/02/2013 at 08:37

Morning all, out at 5.20am for 7 miles with 8 x 100m strides, a good wake up.  Only 3 shetland ponies, milkman, 2 DWs and several people walking to work at Celotex factory.

Good luck today Kate, job will be fine I'm sure, not so certain about the M25!

MC, I think I do forefoot strike, after VLM I will go back and have a new gait analysis done and perhaps change shoes, haven't done it for several years and your gait can change over time.

01/02/2013 at 09:03

Respect to you JF, I really struggle to do anything quick 1st thing in the morning - it normally takes me about 4miles or so before I even consider doing anything close to target marathon pace!

Probably had my best January, running wise, since starting this running lark - helped largely to 17 6am runs, which is probably more than I managed in total in 2012!!

01/02/2013 at 20:10

I've just had a week off, niece was staying so didn't want to disturb her at SOC.Neither me or Geordie

Gonna catch up soon.

01/02/2013 at 20:17

Kate: Going back to last Saturda.The 600m was a cracking race. I'd love to see what time David Rushida could run for it.

01/02/2013 at 20:47

Valis: Couldn't believe that Blues threw away a 2-0 lead again on Wed night !

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PSC    pirate
02/02/2013 at 04:02
Birky is back
02/02/2013 at 07:55

good to have you back birky - hope you had a good week off

off to the gym for me soon

02/02/2013 at 08:10

hello everyone, dont really post here as im not a morning runner!

BUT.....i was up this morning at 5:30 out the door and doing a 6 mile pace session! couldnt believe how easy it actually is 

might start doing more at this time! apart from the weather which was gale force (well....sort of) it was good, i managed sub 8mm all 6 

02/02/2013 at 08:13

Morning psc, maths and Jason (welcome  to you)

Cold and frosty morning up here.

02/02/2013 at 08:31

Morning all, welcome Jason, and welcome back Birky, doesn't seem like a week of AWOL.  No SOC today, long working day instead

Enjoy yourselves

02/02/2013 at 08:43

Morning JF: Yeah weird not being on here at SOC !

02/02/2013 at 10:33

Good morning all

just park run this morning and a little s.o.c mountain biking as I was on sign duty so as well as travel to and from the park I also cycled the route a couple of times.

Birky, if the games not on the TV I watch via a stream just so I do not miss out on feeling of being totally deflated.

Jason, welcome looks like you have caught the s.o.c. bug.


02/02/2013 at 11:19

welcome jason

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