Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??

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27/06/2013 at 06:58

Morning all - had to sacrifice the run for a bike session, I've realised I'm being a bit naughty and would have run every day this week if I wasn't careful. So, speed session as I am sooo slow, 16.5 miles in an hour which I was pretty pleased with, although the mile long hill to my house felt like double that. 4 magpies. Birky, another new level in counting! Ric, looks like it's hills day for you too.

27/06/2013 at 07:07

I get up at 5:30... it's the best time of day all round. I live by the sea so an early morning run down the beach is great and I have 3 school age children which means iim back, breakfasted, showered and dressed before thd day begins.



27/06/2013 at 08:48

Morning Kate: Yeah I was shattered on my warm down and just decided to rest and stretch whilst counting the tree's rings.

Welcome Elsie (or is it Laura ?) Not be sarcy just not sure..

27/06/2013 at 08:53

Ric: No matter how shattered you are at stupid o clock. Nobody else is really around to notice. Thankfully.

Although once on holiday in Ostend a tram stopped for me at about 7am, whilst I was recovering from a hard interval session.

I never realised I'd stopped at the Tram Stop...

27/06/2013 at 09:02

My name is Laura - Elsie is a play on my name as my initials are LC



27/06/2013 at 09:52

Elsie: Okay get it now, too early in morning for me to think and I'm a morning person

27/06/2013 at 10:01

27/06/2013 at 11:26

morning all

welcome elsie and ric

4.75miles with hills for me

NW - a mole


27/06/2013 at 14:55

Afternoon all,

Went out for a second session last night and did some hills with the rucksack so not too worried about missing this morning's outing. Had to leave home early this today to drop my son at Kempton racecourse for an assessment day with a media company. What he doesn't know is that when I pick him this evening he'll be coming ow swimming with me and his brother! NW last night - loads of baby rabbits.

Welcome Laura and Ric

27/06/2013 at 15:00

and here's a picture of my son James aged 2yrs. He'd just finished his first 2k fun run in illustrious company!!



27/06/2013 at 19:48


Hi guys.

Out the door at 5:30am, first of 16 x 400m at 6:18am (On the Garmin)

Back in the house at 7:40am. Not even tired. That's probably due to eating and drinking plenty soon after heading out.

Chris Oco wrote (see)

and here's a picture of my son James aged 2yrs. He'd just finished his first 2k fun run in illustrious company!!




Looks Like Mike Boit and David Hemery.

Edited: 27/06/2013 at 19:50
27/06/2013 at 20:50

Kip Keino and David Hemery!

28/06/2013 at 06:11

Morning you lot

4M Easy/Steady on a warm dull, smiry rainy morning

Chris: Wow great picture

NW: 1 owl, 2 llamas,1 cat, 2dogs, 6 horses

 1 running track .Honestly a new one has just been built up on grounds of old the High School - 6 lanes and is 300m I think.

28/06/2013 at 06:11

RicF: Great session yesterday.

28/06/2013 at 06:40

Morning all - just a short one for me, swim tonight. Nice pic Chris, got him into running from an early age I see!

28/06/2013 at 06:46

Morning Kate

28/06/2013 at 10:37

Cheers birkmyre.

Went out at at 5:30am this morning. A 12 mile jog to 'bed in' yesterday's session.

Chris Oco wrote (see)

Kip Keino and David Hemery!

You're right! of course it was Kip Keino, I need my eyes testing.


28/06/2013 at 12:05

OW swim last night and out in the drizzle for an hour's run this morning. Looking forward to better weather at the w/end.

28/06/2013 at 16:14

Smiry rain all day on and off here !

28/06/2013 at 16:41

been raining all day here too

been ridiculusly busy and managed to leave my lunch at home today had no intention of eating from the school canteen but luckily I had an emergency pot of instant porridge in my classroom and it was cake day so I didn't starve

haven't managed any training though

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