Why are the English men so bad at solo sports?

(and football)

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03/07/2003 at 18:19
Goodbye Timmy, back to Oxfordshire for him, to count his money for the Ariel advert. Where are our world beaters Daley, Seb, Crammy, Linford and Ovett on the track. We wont win anything at football, our batsmen are crap (good young fast bowlers though). Are we ever again going to produce someone who will inspire like Redgrave or the afore mentioned athletes. Thank God for The England rugby team and Paula
Nicko. Hdau    pirate
03/07/2003 at 18:24
And Becham

He took that horrible woman of his to aggravate the Spanish.......

How considerate................
Nicko. Hdau    pirate
03/07/2003 at 18:24
Beckham Even....
03/07/2003 at 18:26
Oh do behave.

Henman was never going to win Wimbledon this year or any other.

Don't think we need to beat ourselves up too much over the inevitable (annual) demise of Tiny Tim.

Just wish he'd get knocked out earlier so people could concentrate on the tennis and not those muppets who inhabit "Henman Hill"


My a*se!
03/07/2003 at 18:50

put a chimp in a union jack and wed have chimpmania

chimps hill
03/07/2003 at 18:52
anyway tennis is an individual sport not a national team thing - so what if a brit wins - id rather see the best players rather than the boring brits
03/07/2003 at 20:19
Triathlon anyone?

Simon Lessing, Spencer Smith, Tim Don, Richard Jones ...

and the women are pretty good too :o)
03/07/2003 at 20:24
There's only one way to improve Britains sporting success; follow the American system of universities offering sports scholarships.
They train most of there top sportsmen and women in this way. It works for them, so why not try it in the U.k?
03/07/2003 at 20:37
I was chatting to a friend of mine tonight and was amazed and shocked to hear that a woman I was at school with won the Edinburgh marathon and came in 2nd british woman in London... and she gets zilch in sponsorship. Nothing. And no media coverage. What is wrong with our country.
03/07/2003 at 20:39
It's only losers like the England cricketers and footballers that get all the the dosh. Not fair really is it?
03/07/2003 at 20:47
A lot of the female triathletes are from Australia though aren't they? OK - it's great that they are competing for us, but we can't really claim them as a success of our system.

On the subject of "like Redgrave", how about Matthew Pinsent? If Redgrave hadn't been around we'd be going apesh1t over him winning three successive gold medals, and yet because Redgrave has already done it he gets very little publicity, in spite of the fact that he's won a lot more stuff than most people (how many other British competitors have three gold medals?)
03/07/2003 at 20:48
Okay - so it isn't a solo sport, but I do feel rather sorry for him!
03/07/2003 at 21:32
Cricketers and footballers may get money, but you can't blame them. Runners wouldn't turn down money or anyone else in any other sport if they were offered it!

Leanda Cave-Welsh triathlete?
Jodie Swallow-?

03/07/2003 at 21:45
dont worry the persil advert is supporting the search for britains next tennis 'star' which, according to the advert, is another load off your mind

its true though, i have chewed my fingers to the bone worrying about whether any brand of washing powder will sponsor some tennis rackets
03/07/2003 at 21:58
fairy suds?
03/07/2003 at 21:59
where do the suds go down the pipe where does the pipe go ...
03/07/2003 at 22:16
Leanda Cave is from OZ originally (I think)

As for Jodie Swallow - no comment I may get myself into trouble!!!

Spencer Smith is THE MAN - I predict that he will win Hawaii this year.

03/07/2003 at 23:14
JB would hate moi saying it, but Vive La Henman! (tee hee)
03/07/2003 at 23:19
you can't blame them for henmania... the english have always favoured underdogs with oddly shaped heads
03/07/2003 at 23:23
what about darts?
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