Why do you run for?

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13/03/2010 at 18:22
I'd enter the RW t-shirt slogan contest but it's a little over 22 characters. 
15/03/2010 at 21:19

I have never run for charity. I run to manage stress and keep my body healthy. I love very few things more than the feeling I have after coming back from a long training run, or finishing a race,

I do find it quite strange when people think you have to run for charity. These mass charity runs have also managed to crowd out some smaller charities, in addition to creating a climate where someone has to do something 'crazy' like run a 5k (!) for people to donate to a good cause. Very sad in my view.  

On the topic of charity excersise today I was asked to sponser someone to take part in a two minute 'hoopathon'. Seriously wtf?!

16/03/2010 at 06:01

Been running since I was at school, early 1980s. It was the sport I was best at back then.

Now I run through habit and the enjoyment of the sport.

I just enjoy running.

You run, then you have my respect. Simples

16/03/2010 at 09:25
howlongisthishill wrote (see)

On the topic of charity excersise today I was asked to sponser someone to take part in a two minute 'hoopathon'. Seriously wtf?!

I would tell them that anything ending in '-athon' is supposed to be a feat of endurance, and to come back with their sponsorship form when they've been doing whatever it is they're doing with their poxy hoops for two days, not two minutes.

If it's a charity close to their heart, they'll understand. 

16/03/2010 at 09:52
I always run for me but at one event a yr i will ask people to sponsor me for a charity that is not well known, doesn't ask you to raise extortionate amounts of money and is very close to my familes heart. If people are willing to sponsor me then great cos its all for an excellent cause. It doesn't put any further pressure on me, i do that myself, i will finish no matter what and the charity ebefits and I get another medal under my belt, everyoen wins, if you don't want to sponsor me then don't. As that feckin stupid meerkat says - simples
16/03/2010 at 10:30
Like many people on this thread, I run for myself.

When I was younger (10-12) I used to have "friends" in my school who basically gave me an inferiority complex - the "you can't do it" kind of mentality. Any achievement I did was played down because "anyone could do that".

So when I started running, and I really enjoyed it, I found something I was good at and something I could do on my own without having to tell anyone about. Running makes me feel free - I could go out the door right now and run to the train station if I wanted to. It makes me feel better about myself. Gives me a sense of achievement.
16/03/2010 at 11:19

I never run for a charity.  I don't mind if the entry fee forms part of a charitable donation but I don't go asking people for money so I can run in an event.  I run to keep fit and to challenge myself, not to be stressed out by having to meet a certain sponsorship money target.

16/03/2010 at 12:40
I run to keep fit and to enjoy the beautiful scenery where I live (or on holiday), it is good for my body and mind and I feel better for it. I enter races to help give more something to work towards during my fairly un-structured training, and it works. I am doing the London marathon for charity even though i got a place by luck, I thought of all the races this is one people might sponsor me to run. I hate asking for sponsorship, i'd rather people said no rather than try and avoid the subject - I will only ask again! I think this is worse than the running to be honest! I feel that running for charity can give you more pressure, but it can also help motivate you (not that i really need it).
16/03/2010 at 12:48

I'm happy to ask for sponsorship when I put in a lot of effort to do something that's a real achievement for me.

Generally though, running isn't a lot of hard work and it's something I do anyway, so I don't feel that I can harrass friends and family for money on a continuous basis!

16/03/2010 at 13:16

well, it may be worth mentioning to your badminton/ squash/ 5-a-side/ hockey/ rugby/ cyclist/ netball etc etc friends that no-one pesters them to see if they are being sponsored to do their sport

17/03/2010 at 16:30
Ditto lots of the above,,,if people ask if I am being sponsored I say no but suggest they use  my run as a trigger to donate to a charity of their choice if they want to.....I wonder how many do ??

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