Why do you run?

What started you, what keeps you going?

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25/04/2007 at 08:28
Just wondering really, why do you do this?
What made you start, what keeps you going?
What do you like or hate about it all? How do you keep motivated?

I'll start:
Started running as I'd got bored looking at the same 4 walls in the gym and I got "challenged" into running a 10k race. Felt honour bound to do it, and have actully quite enjoyed it all.
I run outside and I like the fresh air and the way the scenery is constantly changing. Run on my own and quite like the time alone - I'm not the most sociable person you've ever met!
I don't like hills, running in heavy rain or strong winds. I'm also slightly afraid of making a fool of myself in a race situation. Not sure what that might be, but a stupidly slow time or similar is one thing that does worry me.

Over to you...
25/04/2007 at 08:45
I started running on the treadmill as part of my gym routine in an effort to lose weight. Got encouraged by a friend to try a bit of running outside and somehow got totally hooked. Once I joined a running club and started racing, there was no going back (despite a steady stream of knee problems!).

What do I love about running? Loads of things. I love running on sunny evenings but I also love running in the rain and on crisp frosty mornings (and had a brilliant run in a blizzard once!). I love the company of my clubmates and all the banter that goes on during training sessions. I love running as fast as I can (it makes me feel like a kid again - even if I can't keep it up for long) and I love running off road. I love the thrill of racing and the feeling of pushing myself to my limit. Actually, it's a lot simpler to say what I don't like about running - injuries! :-(
25/04/2007 at 08:52
I started running after watching the London Mara one Sunday and finding Cliff Temple's "Marathon, Cross Country and Road Running book in the libary. I was in a hellish relationship, 18 1/2 stone and on 40 fags a day. My first run (early morning when I wouldn't be quizzed over who I was seeing) was 5 mins and I managed 3 and my lungs were bursting out of my mouth every exhalation. Built up to 1hr 40 mins. Still not got a mara done coz been on and off but could not live without it. Thankfully I gained the confidence to get out of the relationship. Now happily married to someone else:O)
25/04/2007 at 08:54
I wanted to run a marathon

and then it got a bit out of hand

I now run because i feel terrible if i dont(im not one of these who gets a buzz in training runs, they are all hard)

i race to socialise

Guess you could say my social life IS running, now
25/04/2007 at 09:00
..& Plodding Hippo, now you are an inspiration to us all!!

I effectively broke my back in 2000. Although it was never THAT serious (i.e. I was never not going to be able to walk or anything), I realised just how important health is and how we need to get out there and make the most of it! I became so appreciative of being able to get out for a walk, which became a run and the rest as they say is history...
25/04/2007 at 09:17
I started running to improve my fitness, beacame addicted to it and now I run to get faster in marathons and beacuse I enjoy it. I have found that I much prefer long races to short fast ones like 10k now.
25/04/2007 at 09:25
Went to the gym, did aerobics and stuff for years. Lost my dad and didnt bother. Just drank and ate instead.

Friend asked me to do RFL with her a while after I started going back to the gym. Made a silly comment about seeing me at the end as she actually thought she was going to beat me. So I trained and trained and beat her. (She is still one of my best mates!!!!)

Then did a 5 mile race. Then decided to run the GNR in memory of my dad. It was the 25th running and my dad had done the first two. Couldnt train like I do now for halfs cos of work and stuff. But did do a lot of ten k's leading up to it. Still managed to finish it comfortably though. Looking back it must have been sheer bloody-mindedness that got me to the finish and I didnt want to let my dad down.

Finishing the GNR was possibly the best moment of my life.

Now running is a huge part of my life. Love doing different races, joined a running club (Im even on the committe-How Sad!!!), doing my fifth half in two and a half weeks.

Apologies to those Ive bored with this story before;-)
25/04/2007 at 09:46
Enjoyment of the moment.

Encounter with the physical world with all its constraints and givenness for someone who tends to live in his head.

Lots of small achievements and some big ones.

Feeling of health.

Respect of unfit people around me.

And on a less exalted level, being able to run past walkers in winter or wet weather, me being lightly clad and them in layer after layer of warm and waterproof clothing.

25/04/2007 at 09:57
I first started running to lose weight and it was part of my gym routine (with weights etc). Then after moving abroad (and having no gym) made the bold step to run outside and it was actually my new boss that started giving me routes to run and little bits of motivation and wanting to run with me.

The main thing that keeps me going is the end goal. I know that at the end of this (and the run it will all be worth it). But lacking motivation at the current stage due to illness.

The one thing i hate about running is the weather - i like spring and autumn, but summer is always too hot and my times drop dramatically and winter is so cold that i have trouble leaving the house for work let alone exercise outside.

My motivation is seeing others run. Since i started i have got my 55 year old mother running and whenever i'm in the country will train with her. But being able to run with someone else is a great motivation and it keeps me going.
25/04/2007 at 10:16
I love the freedom of it.

Being out in the countryside, running alone, is vital for my mental and physical health. When I can't run I'll do something else.

The feeling of pushing yourself.

Seeing what the body is capable of. And on the other side, respect for it when injured - learning not to challenge the healing process. You will not win.

Physically it's what we're designed to do.
25/04/2007 at 10:48
Because I can, and some others can't, so it seems a pity to waste it....

25/04/2007 at 10:54
Why did I start - after quitting smoking and getting fat, then getting thin again, I discovered that my body still worked (remarkably) and that exercise actually made me feel quite good.

This coincided with the realisation of my wife's plan to get a dog, so after a while me taking the dog out for a walk started to turn into me taking the dog out for a run.

Then I started getting up early to have a run before work, and that was it.

What keeps me going - I like it. I like being fit and being able to eat & drink plenty in the knowledge that I can burn it all off. I like the glow of satisfaction from a good run and I like the excitement of racing. I also know that I'll be really cross with myself if I don't run.

I like being a member of my club & I like lurking on this forum.

Happy running, y'all!
25/04/2007 at 11:07
I cheered my sister on at a R4L and thought - I could do that!!

The rest as they say, is history!!

25/04/2007 at 11:14
Being brutally honest with myself i started running to try and lose weight. It never worked!!

Now I run because i am hooked to the feeling you get when you finish a race - even the bad ones.

Also, it makes me feel proud of what my body can acheive even if it's not the shape or size I want it to be.
25/04/2007 at 11:39
not too different to the motivations of those above really.

ive always enjoyed sport of almost all types, and play a lot of football and tennis. i always used to go for a jog every now and then. ive never been into gyms, ive always preferred to be outdoors if at all possible, especially when exercising.

ive always had a nagging feeling about my body shape, despite being relatively fit, i didnt look it or feel it. and ive always wanted to run more committedly and perhaps acheive something in doing so. so i signed up for the leeds half marathon this year, my mate was supposed to but dropped out, so now its just me.

and ive loved every minute of it. increasing my fitness and health, getting out and about, time to yourself, and i just enjoy having achieved something at the end of it. now i cant wait for the race in a couple of weeks time, and then i can keep going, its become such a key part of my weekly schedules over the past few months that id feel lost without my running time!
25/04/2007 at 11:43
I started running cos we acquired a dog and the only way I could find time to exercise her was for us to run (me very slowly).

When we got our current dog (spaniel, age unknown, from the RSPCA) I had to 'teach' him how to run at my speed etc.

I run because its part of me. It gives me time on my own and the energy to do everything else I want although I could do with an extra 3 or 4 hours in the day.
25/04/2007 at 11:50
rofl at 'a bit out of hand' hippo :0)

I started running in Feb 2002 to train for a 'must do it once' shot at the Great North Run

I seem to have forgotten the 'once only' bit - oops !

25/04/2007 at 13:05
Just wondering really, why do you do this?
I've lost weight, gained confidence, enjoy getting outside, time on my own, time with a group.

What made you start, what keeps you going?
I was challenged to a half marathon. It was horrid but I carried on because I enjoy the running but hated the pressure of the race

What do you like or hate about it all?
I need to race but am frightened of having another bad experience. I love the fact that it keeps stress at bay. A run makes me put life into perspective

How do you keep motivated?
I look at my bottom in the mirror
25/04/2007 at 13:16
I went with my Mr. who wanted to go on Foulees de la Soie, a running trip to China. Bit of a bummer thought I, since I was able to walk then only with the help of a pair of sticks.

I did the walking option as an honourary quadruped. The encouragement from the runners was extraordinary, something I still think of every day. When the situation improved through change of diet and good anti-inflammatories, I began to run, and decided I would go back as a runner and do the same trip. Three years later, in 2004, I did it.

Running remains an affirmation of the freedom to walk stickless. It is the best physio going. It is a tribute to those who accompanied me in China, and those on the forums, whose continuing encouragement never fails to tide me over the sticky patches. It's a rehearsal of the power of positive thinking. It's a time of rededication, each run, each day, to making best use of the abilities I have. I don't waste much time thinking about life without it.
25/04/2007 at 13:31
What an inspirational story, Stickless.
I have often wondered about your nom-de-forum.
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