Why shouldn't I take this gel on race day?

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21/10/2012 at 15:34

I had this issue with the Loch Ness Marathon - took me a while to have a try with the Clif Gel that they were giving out, and it wasn't til the day before I got a taste of the drink they were giving out.

I bought my own gels (SIS) instead and filled my bottle with lucozade, my favourite - plan was to take my own gels at the beginning then swap to the chocolate gels being given out (only flavour I'd tried or could stomach at the time).

Would have worked except for losing my losing one of my gels in the crowd at the start, and then one of the stations unfortuntely running out of gels and only having the energy drink, which I took but found foul-tasting and only took a sip.

I wish I'd taken more of what I was offered because between miles 15-20 I was getting low on energy and had run out of my own gels - I was so desparate for fuel that I even picked up some off the ground that others had discarded, unopened! Classy!!  At the later stations, miles 20 and 23, I simply took whatever was on offer whether I had tried it before or liked the taste - and I'm glad I did because at that point I needed Anything!

(People were giving out handfuls of food somewhere along the route, I took a mouthful but have no idea if it was cake, sandwich, bread or whatever - it was carbs!! Yay!

So long story..... if you can, get used to what will be on offer, or bring your own if you have a belt to carry enough to get you through - but, when you're actually running it, if you find need SOMETHING, just take whatever you can at the time!! ;D Like me, picking up some random coffee-flavour gel off the ground with mud all over the packet! hahaha.  

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21 to 21 of 21 messages
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