WLTM any desperate/drunk* female runners

* delete as applicable

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02/02/2005 at 23:16
I have a top pad in Mayfair, all my own hair (mostly), oodles of cash, drive a Lamborghini, do a big job in the City and am hung like a stallion*.

Unfortunately, I also have chronic halitosis, male-pattern baldness, am anally retentive, no personality to speak of and wear big trousers like Simon Cowell up to my armpits.

I would love to hear from any women with low - or better still no -standards.

Did I mention I have lots of money? Oh, and the big sports car. Don't forget that.

Lines are open now.

Hello? Hello-oh?

* shetland pony
02/02/2005 at 23:36
02/02/2005 at 23:40
that'll be MEEEEEEEE you're looking for then

02/02/2005 at 23:40
Runningnut --- now THAT is funny!!!!!!!!!

02/02/2005 at 23:40
Ooops didn't realize that site was sponsored by rudeness....googled it, linked it and then read it.
Oh dear !
This one is going down the pan for sure !
02/02/2005 at 23:42
LMAO!!!!!! It WAS funny though L

02/02/2005 at 23:44
See anything you like Mr.Sad ?????!!!!
02/02/2005 at 23:46
Hey, how did my picture get on UglyPeople.com? (I'm the fourth one in.)
02/02/2005 at 23:46
Maybe we could pick one out for him fec...what d'ya think ??!!!!!
02/02/2005 at 23:46

not meeeee not meeeee

(oh please oh please)

(said in style of Gary Larson cats)
02/02/2005 at 23:47
L -- maybe I could pose for him..? Whatcha think.?

02/02/2005 at 23:49
WeEll now you have ALOT of competition you do realise that now !
02/02/2005 at 23:49
Now opening up the phone lines to any desperate or drunk men as well.

(Mother always said it doesn't pay to be picky.)
02/02/2005 at 23:49
I'm GOING TO KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



YOU are SO for it mate!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/02/2005 at 23:50
RN -- he is SO going to get KILLED for this!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/02/2005 at 23:53
Er... no... who is this McGoohan person whereof you speak?

oo ek... rumbled...
02/02/2005 at 23:54
Maybe he will end up looking like one of his date contenders after you are through with him !
02/02/2005 at 23:54

You have abusive email darlin'

02/02/2005 at 23:55
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned !
02/02/2005 at 23:56
Did someone mention my name?

Colin! What are you doing, using my picture like that: giving me a bad rep and all that!
1 to 20 of 117 messages
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