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15/04/2003 at 11:13
Got a quick question for you - all answers gratefully received!

If you were writing a trailer or advert to promote the TV coverage of the World Championships in Paris, what sort of thing would you really like to see?
15/04/2003 at 11:20
I think that personalities are important -who is competing in what events - what are the main medal hopes - mainly GB but some of the really big names from other countries too - sort of build up the main issues - can Coe beat Ovett was a big draw - if they could build up a few main issues like that - can Paula win her first world track gold etc etc
15/04/2003 at 11:21
Atractive, voluptous (non of this paula figure stuff) ladies in skimpy lycra clothing(as that seems to be a theme around here at the moment) jogging around!

Well you did ask what we wanted to see.....
15/04/2003 at 11:43
Cheers, BeerBellyBlues! Will see what's possible :)

Popsider - Yep Paula's gonna be the main draw, no doubt. What dou you reckon about the other Brit contenders, like Dwain Chambers, Mark Lewis-Francis, Ashia Hansen etc?
15/04/2003 at 11:44
Ashia Hanson (hubba hubba)
15/04/2003 at 11:54
agreed Jon!
15/04/2003 at 11:56
So, a trailer or advert with Ashia in would get at least a couple of viewers, then?
15/04/2003 at 11:56
Ashia and Paula! Purrrrrrrrrrr!
15/04/2003 at 11:57
She can jump into my pit any day T&TM!
15/04/2003 at 11:58
Err...... Just be careful of those spikes!
15/04/2003 at 11:58
What's happened to Denice Lewis?.....double hubba hubba

Last time I saw her was on sports personality of the year looking glam (another sporting star who looks better in shorts and a vest!)
15/04/2003 at 12:03
Jon - ouch!

I think Denise Lewis has had a baby.
15/04/2003 at 12:05
Is that it then ? or are we likely to see her back after her statutory maternity pay runs out?
That abdomen of hers is unlikely to be the same six pack just stretch marks!
15/04/2003 at 12:11
I don't see why not, guess it will be up to her if she wants to go for another Olympic Gold next year.

Odd that Paula hasn't got a six pack given how thin she is.
15/04/2003 at 12:22
Hmmm...don't know about the six-pack. Should have tried to email that question before the FLM!

Are there atheletes people really don't like/care about?
15/04/2003 at 12:25
American ones!

Oh yeah and Seb Coe....sorry Seb if you are reading this but the slimy tory MP stuff kinda killed of any affection
15/04/2003 at 12:41
Yeah - booooo to Tory Seb.

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17 messages
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