wow how hot is it today, no excuses for not running now!!

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23/03/2003 at 17:15
am bored so thought i'd see if anyone would talk to me
23/03/2003 at 17:17
Hello Becky, yes it's been lovely today, I went for my run/walk in the park (recovering from injury), and then treated myself to a soak in the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna at the health spa, lovely.

I meant to mow the lawn too, but I had too many household chores to do, shame though as it's been gorgeous out there.

Did you go for a run today?
23/03/2003 at 17:18

Just back from the Paddock Wood 1/2M and you are right it was bloody hot.
Wasn't feeling on top form because of the remnants of a virus, but the sunshine cheered me up.

What type of run did you do today to enjoy the sun.
23/03/2003 at 17:21
hey nice to talk to people...i went for a half hour run/walk about midday..was such a lovely day so am in a really good mood
23/03/2003 at 17:23
i can't wait for summer so i can go running early in the morning when the sun is coming up and its all quiet - about peaceful, wot do you guys think?
23/03/2003 at 17:24
Sounds lovely Becky, I love summer too, but alas I already have to get up at 5.30 to go to work and I can't face getting up any earlier.

If I lived near work I certainly would do and I reckon I'd go running more.
23/03/2003 at 17:25
I ran in the mornings last year, at 5.30 am
23/03/2003 at 17:25
I often run between 5 and 6 on a Sunday morning - can't beat it.
23/03/2003 at 17:28
Now you are just making me feel guilty aren't you!
23/03/2003 at 17:29
Running first thing on Sunday morning is fab if you live near a street full of pubs - amazing how much cash you find on the ground (once a poor student, always a poor student ...)

Psst, Caz - round the back of the Cricketers' was always a good hunting ground ...
23/03/2003 at 17:31
He, he, he, the Cricketers!!

Cheers Lizzy, right I'm off out to see what I can find :)
23/03/2003 at 17:44
Too hot for me running today - I wish I'd been out in the garden relaxing!
23/03/2003 at 17:45
Oh the lawn still needs doing, oh, oh, bit late now.
23/03/2003 at 17:58
23/03/2003 at 18:34
hey anyone still there?
23/03/2003 at 18:51
no, all gone !
23/03/2003 at 18:53
Sorry, just kidding!

<head down looking at her feet and feeling very sorry>
23/03/2003 at 18:54
What's up 1/2MG?
23/03/2003 at 18:56
nothing and u?

How is your eye ?
23/03/2003 at 18:57
hiya becky - am also looking forward to summer - have been ill recently but am looking forward to those misty sunshine mornings :)
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