Just beat my HM PB by 9 minutes :D

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29/01/2010 at 18:32
3 hours.  Not sure if it's red or blue start yet though!
29/01/2010 at 20:12

Just got back from the gym. A slow few miles on the bike, 0.5 mile on the tread at 6.12 m/m pace, some weights & crunches on the ab bench.

Feeling goooood!

Going to top up with some pasta in a bit then get an early night.

Thanks to everyone who has wished me luck

Edited: 29/01/2010 at 20:12
29/01/2010 at 20:20

All the best for tomorrow D2D, I'm sure you'll do yourself proud.

I'll be thinking of you, but I will be away this weekend so won't be able to check back to find out how you did. Hmph! Is it sad that this bothers me?!

29/01/2010 at 20:21


It is sad if you send me a Valentines though

Thanks Lisa

29/01/2010 at 20:23

Good luck .

I did 5k on the treddie in 24 15 tonight. Not that fast, but fast for me.

I'm sure I could have done it a heck of a lot quicker though (whoop).

29/01/2010 at 20:30
I personally prefer the quietly confident approach myself but each to their own!

Good luck tomorrow D2D.
29/01/2010 at 20:40
Good luck tomorrow D2D! Whatever time you get though, enjoy the race
29/01/2010 at 20:51

Don't you worry D2D, I won't be sending you a valentine, unless you actually are a guy in drag. I have a weird "thing" for men in drag.......

You'll have to let us know what the parkrun is like. I'm tempted to give my local a go, but I'm more concerned about coming last than coming first.

29/01/2010 at 20:55
I'll be sure to rush home & report back
29/01/2010 at 21:01
Is this a reliably measured 5k run, rather than 'approximate'. So.. whatever happens tomorrow, the time can be accepted by all..? Or.. do we face a week of argument about the distance..?

I normally lurk and laugh from a distance, and this thread has been quite a laugh at times!

29/01/2010 at 21:03
'The course is 5000m (5K) long. This has been accurately measured by us with a professional measuring wheel. The course is in the Willen Lake area in North Milton Keynes, and entirely on tarmac and gravel paths, although some sections of the course do accumulate mud, leaves and puddles after rain. Dependent on availability, marshals will be at key sections of the course, or temporary signs in place.'
29/01/2010 at 21:17

On a serious note D2D, good luck tomorrow. Please let us know back on this thread don't start another one with a title like "see I told you I could do it"

29/01/2010 at 21:49

Going to bed in a bit.

Thanks again all.

No going back now.

29/01/2010 at 21:56
Good luck, if you're still online!
29/01/2010 at 22:26
Advert break during Shaun of the Dead... just wanted to say good luck to D2D.. many people will be eagerly awaiting the result!
29/01/2010 at 23:08

I don't know which I'm looking forward to more.....Murray in Australia or D2D in MK Parkrun.

So similar in so many ways.......

29/01/2010 at 23:55

Good luck D2D - I've enjoyed this thread from afar...... although until now I couldn't make my mind up whether to jeer or cheer.

Go for it - good luck

29/01/2010 at 23:56
Have a guddun D2D!!
30/01/2010 at 00:03
Good luck...

I'm a bit worried that you'll go off too quickly and die on your feet over the last forecast for you is 22:30. Not exactly power of 10, but respectable

30/01/2010 at 00:19

Sounds like a good time to open the book then Tom, anyone else feel free to add your predicitions 

Tom. - 22.30
Flat Footed - 20.20

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