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16/07/2009 at 13:14

Really did forget how much changes if you stop training for a couple of weeks, been on holiday, had the other half move in and work got in the way of running for a few weeks, first run yesterday was shameful!

Did do 3 runs in Spain on holiday which made me feel a bit smug, and toasty.

Got A new pair of shiny Saucony shoes to play with now, and a new Nike dri-fit kit, after a little spnding splurge.

 Onwards and upwards I hope, got to knuckle down and train a bit harder.

16/07/2009 at 13:27

Tell me about it, holiday & a severe case of cant-be-arsed-itis meant I'd slacked off big style for a couple of weeks so when I went out for a 6mile run the other Saturday thinking this'll be a doddle I was sadly mistaken and had to admit defeat at 4miles.  Have been out for a couple more 4 mile runs since then so am hoping that'll stand me in good stead for the scheduled 8miler this saturday *fingers crossed*

Ooooh I have a new pair of Sauconys too... Am gonna wear them tonight for a little 3mile tester run.

16/07/2009 at 13:29

I'm quite impressed by them, they cost a small fortune - really light on the feet, and wide enough which I really like.

Got a 5.5miler on the 29th, so should be Ok, the 5km last night wasn't the easiest still!

16/07/2009 at 13:35

It was warm/extremely close yesterday though which could explain why your run wasn't the easiest one in the world.  I thought about going on the treadmill in the gym after abs class last night but figured as it was so warm the gym with it's carp air conditioning would be unbearable.  Is that 5.5miler a race or just what your training plan says???  I never think to go up in half miles, I always whack another full mile on when doing my plans.

Which ones have you got??? Mine are the Omni 7 or something.

16/07/2009 at 14:00
I have been a bit stop start over the last month or so with the longest gap being a couple of weeks. I'ev found the first run back is harder than you'd thought it'd be but the second is brilliant, seemingly benefitting from the rest and regained fitness. After that it is all downhill again!
16/07/2009 at 15:06

Right that's it I must get out of the door tonight,   I've ran once I think it the last 4 weeks  and just can't motivate myself once I've walked the dog and done the million and one other things that I seem to have to do.

 No kids swimming lesson tonight, just a job application to do some more on, an OU assignment to get started and a submission to get Chartered to get started !

I can spare half an hour to get out of the door with my trainers on.

I need to get back up to long runs at the weekend to help shift some of this stone that keeps hanging around me.


PloddingOn    pirate
16/07/2009 at 15:11

What time are you going?

I will try to meet you - virtually of course 

16/07/2009 at 15:13
I'm planning on going out at about 6 if anyone wants to join me for a nice easy 3miles round the local streets dodging chavs & drunks...
16/07/2009 at 15:15
Is that 6am, I have no will power to run in the evening.....
16/07/2009 at 15:22
Sorry Gaz its going to be 6pm... I dont have time to squeeze a run in before work and where's the fun in running at a time when there aren't any kids about to heckle you???
16/07/2009 at 15:31

2 weeks?  4 weeks?  Pah, that's nothing.

Stopped running at 15 weeks pregnant, started again 6 weeks ago, when my daughter was 11 months old.

Now THAT is hard work.

16/07/2009 at 15:32
While you are heading out at 6pm, I'll be on the final leg of a tough 5 mile speed session!
16/07/2009 at 15:32
Probably 5:45-6ish for me too, maybe a 3 miler around the res, that way I get sneeky rests at the gates
16/07/2009 at 15:48

No hard work is starting when you're 39 (after having baby no. 3) having never run before except around a hockey pitch (the last time being in the sixth form).

I started off on the RW run/walk programme run 1 walk 2 minutes, which was OK, but when I moved up to 2 and 2 I thought my legs were broken when I'd finished my 1/2 hour!

But I've now done a few 10Ks and a half marathon this year , whichI hope to do again if I can get my backside out of the door

Iron Pingu    pirate
16/07/2009 at 16:20
Nowt more training for me today, I not doing anything till Sunday
16/07/2009 at 16:22

I'm heading out around 8pm.

Went to a nice restaurant at lunch so am well fuelled!

16/07/2009 at 16:49
Sorry CazSoul, will be thinking of you then. Best time of the day is 6am, no heckling, few cars and fresh clean air - perfect.
16/07/2009 at 16:56
Or run along a biggggg longgggggg path near a main road. Hardly get any trouble since I've switched my route from round town to there. Plus, when the clouds are nice and big, it's beautiful
16/07/2009 at 19:42
Piddling it down when I got home, but I went out, OK it was only 20 minutes and a couple of miles, but the main thing is I broke by running duck
16/07/2009 at 22:04
Went out at 8 and did 4 miles and arrived back to uplifting thunderous applause which turned out just to be thunder! Timed it just right I think
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