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13/12/2013 at 11:50
Hi All, I wanted to share my experiences with years of achillies tendonitis and what finally resolved it....essentially time and BUPA! Completing in several marathons and Ironman events over the last 6 years I always suffered from achilles pain during, after and in the following mornings after a run...all classic signs the majority in my right leg but some recent pain in the left. After physio, stretches, insoles, new trainers, barefoot running, I tried everything Newtons the lot, I realised it was something more chronic so decided to get it sorted once and for all. I ended up with a consultant surgeon in Northampton looking after everything from the knee and below. I had an X-ray followed by an MRI scan. X ray revealed no bone spurs and MRI scan showed thickening of the tendon which could already be measured in the consultation room and highlighted specific region of the Achilles, luckily no-where near the insertion point at the heel; which would have been a little more tricky apparently; about 1 inch above this. He then advised me to have high volume stripping of the right Achilles tendon down in London. It took about 30 mins. Basically about 40 mls of saline + cortisone and a bit of pain killer through a needle was forced between the front of the Achilles and the foot bone. This was directed at blood vessels which could be seen pulsating orange on the Ultrasound screen next to me.....a very specific and expensive bit of kit apparently.....The idea is that the pressure [boy you feel it!] ruptures the blood vessels and nerves that have grown into the Achilles area from small injuries over the running years. This rupturing stops the pain instantly [ no nerves] and restricts blood flow to these damaged areas. I walked out and within 2 weeks I was running again pain free and waking up in the mornings without any pain......so much so I got the left leg done 3 weeks later. In summary, this worked for me and with the stretching, eccentric and concentric exercises following the procedure all is OK touch wood. So, if you have the same and feeling frustrated and nothing seems to be resolving it...this might be the route for you also......
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