A right pain in the groin

but only after about 10 miles???

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29/03/2003 at 22:13
I've kind of been nursing a groin strain for a month or so. I've run a fair bit more mileage than ususal I guess over the last 4-5 months to do Bath and to build towards the Half Ironman in August.

It's all been going pretty well. I did a pb at Bath but today I ran 13 with my neighbour and at about 10 miles I just felt this sharp pain bite in my left groin. It made me wince for a few strides and then just turned into a dull ache but I felt OK to finish the run, and felt really strong at the end.

I stretched, had a warm bath, then iced it, plastered cold gel all over it but the pain has been quite severe since I got home and cooled down / stiffened up.

I don't kmow if this is a contributing factor but I had shingles 2 years ago and all the blisters were down my left groin and in a belt around my left side.

Anyone had anything similar and sorted it out reasonably quickly. I don't want to push on have it all turn to rat shit, but then I don't want to stop unecessarily and lose all the ground I've gained so far this year??

Yours frustrated and tempted to eat chocolate!!
31/03/2003 at 11:35
Hi Simon,

I think you have an over use injury which feels like a groin stain. It's an inflamination of the pubic bone due to high mileage and needs medical attention. I had this and your symptoms sound exactly what I had.

A groin stain after a month should really of healed by now so get this checked out with a good doctor or sports injury specialist.

Best of luck in the half ironman in August.
31/03/2003 at 12:05
Hmmm. Sounds ominous. I'll get myself booked in. Drat!!

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