Anchilles worries

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22/11/2002 at 14:24
Can anyone tell me how long I really have to wait to run with anchilles prblems? I have paratendonitis Might have spelt that wrong) diagnosed several weeks ago after an acute onset. I have been really sensible and been walking. cycling, rowing etc. with the occasional easy run. However, it really isn't mended well and now I am sick of the sensible approach and feel I want to do some proper exercise. I am desperate to get running again (I was running 5 times a week on a variety of surfaces and feeling great about myself) as I quite frankly feel crap.

I have had sports massage fortnightly (not convinced that has done anything) and ice both ankles every day. I'm thinking I might just run and sod it. Advice from fellow (irritated) sufferers gratefully received.

22/11/2002 at 15:01
Take it slowly! I leapt in after having tendonitis and the result was mutliple re-occurrances. Get advice from a physio -and follow it! Once I realised that I had to take it seriously I eased back into running using run/walk splits, which enabled me to increase my mileage with out getting futher flare-ups. Also get advice about using anti-inflamatories (Ibruleve gel/nurofen)Please have patience - it's really not worth it making it worse!
All the best
22/11/2002 at 18:46
Hi RB,

I've had achilles tendonitis for almost 6 months now - I share your frustration...

Although I've not found a quick fix for my problem I'd recommend that you visit a sports physio asap. Achilles problems can easily become chronic, and at the other end of the spectrum your tendon can actually snap... I don't think there actually is a quick fix for this: just patience and maybe orthotics (they've helped, but not cured, me) and anti-inflammatories, as Helen suggests. Good luck - I know how irritating it is.
25/11/2002 at 08:36
Thank-you for replies - it is as I suspected! The only time I am really troubled by it at the moment is first thing in the morning when it is a bit tight so hopefully I am on the way through things.

Good luck to you fellow sufferers and hello rowing machine (again)....
15/03/2004 at 16:22
I have a niggling pain which I think may be connected to my achilles. It is not severe and I had it off and on for months. The only way that I can duplicate the pain without running is by rotating my foot. Is this achilles tendonitis?
16/03/2004 at 09:30
My pain in my right Achilles tendon began as what felt like a 'popping' and then after a long run, I could literally hear and feel the 'grating' of the Achilles as I moved the foot up and down.
I was terrified as after a 20 miler, the following day I could barely walk.
I immediately went to a sports phsio who I now see three times a week.
I refuse to stop running - except for my rest day after the weekend long-un and maybe on monday when if I have pain I will do some rowing and cycling. Apart from that, I do 4 fast 10km on the treadmill (about 41min pace) per week and the long out door run at the weekend (did FLHM in 1hr29).
The physio understands that I need to run so isn't encouraging me to stop - he uses the following which definitely help:
1) Massage - of both the Achilles and the calf muscle - remember it's all connected and he found that my calf was uber tight
2) Accupuncture - I was sceptical, but it really helps stimulate blood flow to the area - this is the big problem for the Achilles, it's far from the heart and doesn't heal (excuse the pun) quickly
3) Heat and cold - and definitely after each run - 10mins each
4) Stretching - vital - and done correctly too
5) Ultra-sound with freeze gel - seems to help relax the area

All-in-all, I think that the physio basically enables me to run with some pain, but less than I had - and I must stress, the pain really only comes on during the first 15mins of any run - and then it loosens up and feels fine - and then it usually starts to tighten and become painful straight after a run and especially the next day.

A horrible injury that I hope to ditch straight after the FLM!
16/03/2004 at 12:28
I've been suffering with AT problems since just after last years FLM. First it was the right leg which finall got better in September but one week later the left one went and although a lot better, It's still playing up from time to time.

I had physio, massage and ultra-sound but I think it was mainly rest and stretching which had the greatest effect. Also, I would recommend you try some heal raises in your everyday shoes and your trainers. I use Sorbothane heal wedges and they really take the strain off the achilles.

I also sometimes take an ibuprophen tablet (400mg) and hour before running.
16/03/2004 at 12:32
Forgot to mention, those support tube bandages are really good too. These are about a metre in length and need to be layeredback and forth over the painful area. Definately seem to speed recovery.
16/03/2004 at 15:20
Thanks to both of you: very helpful. However, I'm still not sure if the achilles is my problem. From the answers both of you concur that it is probably my achilles. Also what stretches are considered best
16/03/2004 at 15:22
whatever stretches work for you! just make sure you keep your feet in constant alignment - don't let the back foot on a calf stretch angle in or out.
best bet is to consult a sports-physio for a consult and get them to recommend what's best for you

Good luck!
16/03/2004 at 21:31
i am in totally the same boat. My achilles pain hit after a session in a gym in a hotle in leeds on a poor quality treadmill. Never had the problem before. Was unable to walk on one ocassion on a treadmill a week after that in my usual gym. A month or so later the pain is no different. its even as painful to touch. have been using bandage and applying gel. im totally gutted, really frustrated and im almost in tears about it all. At my wits end. Can say no more.
17/03/2004 at 08:39
Christian - I was EXACTLY the same - saw no light at the end of the tunnel - but go to see a sports physio - proper massage, isolation of the painful area and accupuncture has not cured me but enabled me to train for the FLM - and as I want to run in 3hr15min - I need all the help I can get!

The physio is a massive help.

Chin up and good luck!
15/03/2005 at 22:22
I have a similar problem with my AT seemed to flare up after increasing my mileage by 40% over six weeks,(which i did not think excessive at the time), I am in process of forcing myself not to run. Will continue this for another week and then try out the physio. It is a nightmare not being able to run but am finding that doing leg work in the gym, rowing and biking is helping my overall fitness.

20/06/2005 at 14:15
I now just get a tightness/faint strain feeling in the mornings, but mostly healed with the help of going to the GP & an NSH physio. Found that problems caused by flat feet, now have foot arch supports/daily calf stretches/4mile walks 4 times a week & massage on calf by physio.

Found that local private physios should be classed as con-artists, as the NSH physio said a 1st year student would know in 5mins what the problem was. Reading the columns why people try to run for 3/4 months after the injury occurance is a great mystery.

Mark Palmer.
20/06/2005 at 14:26
Not sure if the following will help any of you, but it certainly helped me.

I used put heel inserts in my trainers and everyday shoes. Boots used to sell heel wedges not sure if they still do, in doing this, it raised the heel and shortened the Achilles enough to stop it pulling - The recommendation was that the heel was raised by approx half an inch, and off course both heels irrespective of which hurt.

Once the injury had healed i would take the inserts out, but it is quite important to continue to stretch the tendon - running does tend to shorten it.

Of course continue to ice leg.

Not sure if it is available now in the UK but I got this tip from The Runners' Repair Manual by Murray F Weisenfeld many years ago. It does still appear to be available on the American Amazon Site., I bought it about 18 years ago and was money well spent and the above advice certainly worked for me.

Good luck
24/09/2006 at 19:14
Can anybody help me out there? I am currently training for the Long Mynd Hike in Church Stretton, Shropshire (50 miles in 24 hrs with 8000m of ascent)and I have picked up an achilles problem. After doing 18 mile yesterday of hill walking I can hardly walk today. I have considerable pain in my left achilles and with the hike only 2 weeks away I need some fixes. I would appreciate any advice?
09/10/2006 at 16:53
I have been suffering for about 6 months with AT. started on my leftt foot and then moved to the right. The worst bit is first thing in the morning when it feel really tight but after that I get no pain walking it is just when I run. However, it is always tender to touch.

I have been using an insole to try and help from a website Dr Foot. Not sure if this is helping yet

12/07/2007 at 20:05
Is the aircast airheel any good to use.

I have been unable to run for the past 3 months and now starting to get really frustrated.

Any help and advise is appreciated.

13/07/2007 at 09:21
ive been on they have a virtual injury clinic where you can e-mail them your questions and a specialist will reply, they were really useful so why not asl a professional.
13/07/2007 at 12:37
I've had an achilles problem for about three months.

After it first came on I spoke to an NHS physio (over the phone) and was advised to do some calf stretches, and continue running, but avoiding hills.

I did this up to a couple of weeks ago - I was training for the Leeds 10k at the time and did not want to miss the race as I was raising sponsorship money. The problem did not improve at all but I think I managed to stop it getting any worse by limiting the amount of running I did.

After the 10k I didn't run for a week and the thing seemed to be improving. However, one slow run was all it took to get it back to where it was.

I've now been seeing a private physio for the past couple of weeks. She has identified various issues with my right leg - especially lack of mobility in the ankle - that are responsible for the problem.

She has told me that I definitely must not run until there is no stiffness in the ankle in the morning. I think this will take rather a long time. However, the consequences of continuing to run could be to make the condition chronic, or need treating by surgery or need immobilising with a plaster cast. I reckon that stopping running for a while is the least bad option here.
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