Anti-depressants & training

What's the effect?

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24/09/2003 at 09:12
Go for it, Staggers. But never lose sight of the fact that you're in a public place.
24/09/2003 at 09:19
Hi Stags, came to this thread to see why you are down and now I understand. Seems like there are a lot of helpful comments on here though.

I suffered from depression a number of years ago and found that going to the gym really helped. All those endorphins I guess. So, even though you probably don't feel like it, do try and run as it could help. Think the idea of planning a few races is a great one too.

Completely agree with people's comments about your point 4, just because there are always people worse off than you doesn't mean that your problems are not valid or that you are not allowed to feel down.

<big hug from SuperP>
24/09/2003 at 09:25
good point Vrap, time to change picture to save the innocent.
24/09/2003 at 09:28
NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O! I didn't mean change the picture! Anyone ever told you that it's a rather nice picture? If not, I'm telling you now.
24/09/2003 at 09:34
lol Vrap.
I thinK you need an eye test!
24/09/2003 at 09:36
No she doesn't staggers it is a nice piccy.
24/09/2003 at 09:37
How did you know I was going to the optician's on Saturday, Staggers? I've come over all creepy now.
24/09/2003 at 09:37
sat at the computer, as taken by my 5 yo...
24/09/2003 at 09:42
hmmm, what can I say?
yes people are starving in Africa, but that's substantially irrelevant to a very real and very cruel affliction like depression.

I am a huge believer in the positive power of exercise for mood control, but I do think that Ads probably take the edge off training (esp mixed with alc - as we all do, let's be honest).

My own experience of counselling is pants, but some people do better - all depends who you find.

I was given tricyclics after birth of Kid A, but as couldn't get up to feed him (in the day) just chucked them and did a year of deep depression with no drugs - not an experience I would repeat.

I had SSRIs some years later, for about 6 months or maybe more, and was certainly bouncy gym girl on them, but did rather cutely fall asleep after half of lager and lime. These days I (touch wood) usually control my own mood better by:
eating regularly (sounds bats, but I definitely start to slide on low blood sugar)
exercising regularly
sleeping regularly (ditto sleep deprivation)
and skiving off to sleep in the day if I need to
not getting hyper - am a bit of a "fizzy" person but stopping the highs going too high seems to hold the lows in check too

but those are MY coping strategies, hard worked out over a number of years, and peculiar I suspect to my chemical / social makeup

oh and being married to the 40 year old version of Tigger probably helps
24/09/2003 at 09:54
Corks - apparently statisitcs say that 1 in 4 people suffer from depression at some point in their lives but I think it's more like 3 in 4.

Can't offer any really positive advice, stags. i hated seroxat, especially when I discovered it stopped me from doing useful things like giving blood, so i threw them away. counselling was carp as well. Final straw came when I lost it big time, realised I had made the biggest F*ck up of my life and now I just tell myself that however bad it gets I will never sink to that level again.
Really hate the scars, but at least they remind me to not get so low.

"Pulling yourself together" and "People worse off thatn you" don't help. They make you feel worse and even more carp. BUT, try and think of one thing that does make a difference to someone else and that would improve their lives. I give blood. I get free tea and biccies out of it, but I also save 10 lives every three months. That is such a buzz. And that gives me a reason to stay focussed on getting better.
One day you'll wake up and you'll realise the sun is shining...

Was that a load of rubbish?
24/09/2003 at 09:57
no Puff

tea and biscs never carp

even garibaldis
24/09/2003 at 10:01
they do jammy dodgers now as well...
and bourbons.....
24/09/2003 at 10:05
I do give blood (20-odd donations to my name)! Comes out a bit quick sometimes (along the lines oh, you've finished already).
24/09/2003 at 10:09
Crikey - good going.

jus tthought, having read thread properly (just jumped in before), I remember that whilst seroxat sort of numbed the lows, it also killed the highs. Which meant I was more normal and less sine wavey, but that really didn't help. So maybe that's why you feel more achy painy. Maybe the drugs are having a negative effect on your runners high so you are more aware of twinges than you would be cos the endorphin kick doesn't ride like before?

<Puff thinks should really stay out of this and looks like doing more harm than good>
Pink    pirate
24/09/2003 at 10:21
(((((hugs staggers)))))

I can't say I've been there but I've been around those who are and I can see how tough it is.
I get the feeling that counselling can help if you think that there is a route cause that maybe you haven't dealt with. btw I'm the queen of denial but it can't work forever!

See plodding as relaxation and just try and enjoy it for what it is. No pressure to perform unless you need the goal. Can't remember what you said to me the other day when I was having carp plods but it worked and I felt like you were there plodding with me! Like Puffs theory too.
24/09/2003 at 10:29
I've just gone back into counselling and so far so good its giving me space to think, sometimes an unemotionally involved professional can say and "hear" things that loved ones and friends can't.
24/09/2003 at 12:58
Staggs, just sdanned through this lot, and am joining the been there, done that queue. I was on Prozac for a while during pre-plodding days so can't comment on that.

I am one of the believers in counselling - it worked for me. I too did not know what the 'issues' were, but a good counsellor will help you discover them. Scarey, but effective.

Yes, do set yourself another target. That's good for your training regime as well as general mental health.

Funnily enough I employ the same strategies as flr (apart from being married to tigger!) and they work for me. I also changed my job as sh!te managers had a lot to do with my woes.

Thanks for your courage in starting this thread.
24/09/2003 at 17:11
interesting idea on the endorphins puff, the old when you're down everthing hurts sort of thing would make sense.

Barman, make mine a large endorphin please!
24/09/2003 at 18:20
good luck SO

the peeps on here helped me survive the worst suicidal depression i have ever experience earlier this year - just by acknowledging and accepting how bad i was feeling and being able to be honest about it made a huge difference and now im seriously thinking its time to try without the antideeps - not least because i want to get healthier and the less chemicals im using the better

if you want to talk theres always peeps around and sometimes just writing things down and being honest with yourself about what you are dealing with is half the battle ( even if you dont do anything to change it - at least you begin to understand why you feel how you feel )
25/09/2003 at 08:18
'Tis another day. Thank you all for thoughts and support (message to self: hey, I'm not alone so stop thinking you are)

Bounced out of bed this morning, but its not lasting. <<big sighs>> I'm at work but I'd rather be at home, just sat listening to music and letting the brain wander.

I've told my boss and he's very supportive (move my hours, drop some of the work if that helps, etc). That helps as well.
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