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25/09/2003 at 16:16
26/09/2003 at 08:27
Well yesterday went strange.
Having been down and quiet all day, I suddenly switched on in the meeting. We are talking, alert, involved and completely with it plus I stayed that way pretty much for the hour (wandered off a couple of times). It didn't last long after the meeting, just managed to get my report written before it faded away.

But by the time I got home, I actually wanted to go out for a run/plod/whatever. Unfortunately, I had to wait about 20 mins and again the energy faded away, but I did go and the first bit hurt and ached and I could find reasons not to do it. Eventually I managed to get through that I had wanted to do this, felt I could make the effort and got myself going, so it was reasonably successful (33.5 mins for 5k).

Today, crimes, I was positively manic for about 10 minutes! Got up, wanted to go back to bed, forced self to get out of house. Nice blast in the car, not held up by too many morons travelling at the speed limit (ha ha ha) and bounced from the car to the train, very strange. Its sort of swung the other way now and I've quietened down. I did find myself singing quietly on the train, luckly no one noticed, cos I wasn't listening to music!
26/09/2003 at 08:39
Hi Staggers. Just caught up with all this. Have a history myself (which I don't dwell on as my boss wouldn't like it!) and am now (among others things) a psychotherapist, so spend a lot of my time around depression. Sounds as though you're doing all the right things to help yourself. Big hugs, Sassie x
26/09/2003 at 08:55
Hi Sassie, thanks.

I'm trying to do "the right things" and remembering all the sorts of stuff that have helped before. But, and it is a big but, I'm ignoring things rather than facing then (see I said I was with it) which might help me get some balance in the short term.
26/09/2003 at 10:40
very, very strange.
I'm now bouncing between manic and down like a bloody yo-yo. This isn't funny, one minute I'm having to stop myself from having a fit of the giggles, the next I want to cry! This is crazy!
26/09/2003 at 11:02
!!!Serious post alert!!!

Sounds like you ought to log off and go and talk to someone, Staggers. We're not a bad bunch, but we're not THERE. Is there someone where you are who knows what's been happening with you and has a good set of ears?

Trust Auntie V-rap on this one. She's been around and seen a lot.
26/09/2003 at 11:04
can you do any relaxation techniques - take yourself off to the loo and sit in a cubicle for 5 mins and just try to still your mind - orbetter still go outside somewhere green and calming - trees etc if you have them and just try and chill out without lots of info bombarding you from peeps, pcs phones etc - as sometimes this can help to clear out all the crap that just builds up and makes it difficult to concentrate
26/09/2003 at 11:08
<< manly hug to SO>>
26/09/2003 at 11:17
[[[[[[[[big squishy womanly one]]]]]]]
26/09/2003 at 11:24
<<<<< and from SP >>>>>>

V rap is right.... find someone to talk to if you can..... you're right feeling like you do at the mo' isn't funny and is very tiring...... and ultimately even more depressing.....
26/09/2003 at 12:00
Hey Staggers,

Please go and talk to someone. The one thing I hate about depression in this country is that it seems taboo to talk about it. But it's not. You'll be surprised by just how many people suffer from it. I used to get it and am now a lot stronger for it. I used to hate myself for feeling the way I did, but now I regard myself as being lucky. I am so much stronger and have more understanding for others and what they go through with this illness. It is serious, please talk to someone. If they don't feel right to talk too, talk to someone else untill you find that right person. There are good people out there who can help. Things will get better please help yourself by contacting someone.
26/09/2003 at 12:32
id echo that too - dont try and deal with it all alone

and as someone once said to me - and i wish id listened - are you sure you should be at work ?

if id taken time out when i was beginning not to cope - rather than struggle on - because i was too afraid to admit that i needed time out and the consequences of going off sick with 'stress' - then i wouldnt have got as deep into the mire as i did i think - i ended up leaving a well paid job for a not so well paid job and then had 18months plus of time out /unemployment/money worries etc - so be proactive and take control of it before it takes control of you
26/09/2003 at 13:50
some of this is due to having been out of work - the sense of rejection and feeling unwanted. In the last 3 years, I've taken voluntary redundancy once (before they tried to force me out) and been made redundant. The second felt harder, as I didn't see it coming and had been working very hard to help deliver the "most important project in the company" (ok I've have niave moments as well).

26/09/2003 at 13:57
that sounds very familiar 'i cant go off sick now as the project is in crisis and i cant let it down now' - project survived with new staff -i didnt
26/09/2003 at 14:03
Hey Staggers,

I've been surfing the net. I think you should speak to someone. It's always hard trying to find out where to start. i have found a group that offer information, help and advice for people suffering from depression. They are called Depression Alliance. There details are as follows:-

Address:- 35 Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7JB

Tel:- 020 7633 0557


They look good. I've only found them because I want to help and am concerned. As V-Rap said the forum is good but we are not actually there. Please take a look.
26/09/2003 at 14:12
I'm not indispensible Buney, I know that, and I don't have a problem with being sick. Its more that I lost a job I really enjoyed and felt comfortable in, I don't want to go through that again as I've only been in this one 12 months. The job itself doesn't provide me with hugh quantities of stress, and whilst I do go in early (which is by choice), I'm home by 7 every night to see the kids and wife.

I know I need to balance the being with people and being on my own times. Sometimes I need people round me rather than being at home on my own. I've done long-ish term spells off sick with a slipped disc, and taht can be pretty soul destroying. I need to agree with my boss that I can escape on days I need to like today and I don't think that will be a problem - hey he likes me, I solved a lot of his problems!
26/09/2003 at 14:20
In early...
Home by 7...
Small children...
Not huge quantities of stress...

My abacus is having serious difficulties reconciling that lot.
26/09/2003 at 14:24
Mine too
26/09/2003 at 14:24
...ignore me then Staggers...
26/09/2003 at 14:49
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