Arch pain: Pulling up?

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14/06/2005 at 20:36
On my last two runs I've suddenly had quite a lot of pain in the top of the arch of my right foot. I've been thinking about it and on both times it occurred just after I pulled up having achieved my distance - first time at 10k, second at 5k. Could I be doing something odd when I stop? Or could it be something else?
15/06/2005 at 22:03
How long have you had your current shoes RR??
16/06/2005 at 11:52
New yearish. I worked out I've probably done 280 miles so should be fine. I went to Run and Become to check again that the shoes were right and they said no problem. :o(
16/06/2005 at 12:03
Sounds like a weird one, so you hav eno discomfort when u run? only when u stop?
16/06/2005 at 12:15
Yup, and nothing when I walk, no tenderness to the touch. Very weird.
16/06/2005 at 14:37
Strange one that, have u tried a physio??
16/06/2005 at 15:04
Will have to I think! :O(
16/06/2005 at 15:31
Good luck Rachael, sorry I can't help.
17/06/2005 at 01:51
I have used lots of products over the last few years.. you may want to take a look at the PSC from the makers of the pattstrap. It has helped me with my plantar facilitis and should help you with your Arch as well.
17/06/2005 at 13:43
Thanks John! I'll give it a try!
18/06/2005 at 14:53
Check out

I am a postural alignment therapist practising this method in southeast London.
Through personal experience, chronic pain and injury, I know it works - permanently!

20/06/2005 at 23:12
It does sound like you coude have Plantar fascitis. I ha a bout last year and went through 3 months of physio and new orthotics, all to no avail.

I happened to mention it to a friend who is an osteopath and she gave me a pretty brutal, but extremely effective massage to the soles of my feet. The effect was (almost) instantaneous.

I repeated the massages daily and really got in there, with my knuckles (don't forget to use a little massage oil though). I've now been PF Free for about 12 months and if I when I occasioanlly feel its in danger of returning I get stuck in there again with my brutal massage regime and away it goes

PS my Osteopath is German, so what seems like a rough and tough massage to me is probably faether like and silken to her!
21/06/2005 at 18:50
If it is PF, you can buy arch supports in Boots for about £25 - by Orthoheel (?) I think. Bought some last year, wore them in all my shoes for about 6 months, now OK. Just have to wear the sport ones in my running shoes because otherwise I get pains in my heels.
Good luck, but whatever it is I wouldn't leave it unchecked. GP's have a fairly brutal test for PF, but it does leave you in no doubt!!:o

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