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13/10/2012 at 03:11

Hello there,

A few years ago I had a bang to a knee which bruised it and a couple of weeks later walking down some steps there was a click/pop noise and then the leg locked up.

It took me a while to get the correct treatment for it by a chartered physio and the symptoms cleared up but it was suspected meniscus troubles.  I did some cycling then got running with minimal discomfort and built the mileage up to 11 miles@ just under 7-30 per mile at best so put the training up to 13 miles.

Then I had a little lay off the running to do some things at home that needed doing that were time demanding but in this time there was a flare up which took me back to the specialist for an MRI scan as I was convinced it was a torn meniscus.  In fact the meniscus is intact although not perfect.  The problem is a 2mm lesion on the under side of the knee cap which is grade III - IV - Or to put another way early signs of Osteo Arthritis.  The symptoms are knee effusion (fluid) which causes a Bakers cyst when there is a flare up.  There is treatment from the physio that will invlove some sort of small knee brace to keep the knee cap in place although I don't have this yet.

I've been advised that this isn't serious but could get worse but as I've been quite keen on going for a run will I be able to keep on running when I get back on top of this again.  Naturally its a concern but the guess work as to what is wrong now over and there are certainties.  If I carry on running will this get worse by doing so? - Will I be able to run enthusiastically again?

Also I've been taking Glucosamine Chondroitin for quite some time now along with CNP Professional Protect which is a blend of Glusosamine and (mainly) Collagen-which is supposed to assist in the rebuilding of articular cartilage (quite a bold claim) but will these make a real difference?

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