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Standing still, side on, with arms crossed and no eye contact doesn't work

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05/08/2012 at 08:01

"Some dogs are a real nightmare. Almost always the owners fault not the dog."

Why don't we let people keep tigers in their homes? I'm sure if one attacked you it would be the owners fault, not the tigers natural intuition to see you as food. And if it just happened to bite and slap around someones dog with its 8 inch paws  whilst out for a walk it would be "just playing".

People need to wise up, the only reason we have dogs now is because in ancient times people found they could be trained for war, protection, work. But those were different times, life was cheap. The "bad" owners people allude to are the sort of people who kept dog breeds alive, decent people, with no need of war, protection or to scare sheep would have eradicated them centuries ago along with Bears and Wolves.

You're right you can't blame the dogs, its their natual instinct to attack and kill indiscriminately, they lack the intelligence to over come this natural urge, the only real solution to dog violence apart from extermination is to put them all into safari parks with all the other animals.


...preferebly in with the tigers.

10/08/2012 at 13:29

Hi all,

Just saw this and thought of this thread. Sleepybear - maybe you're giving RW some inspiration?

10/08/2012 at 14:19

It's a good article in letting more people know that the Dangerous Dogs Act doesn't just deal with Pitbull type dogs and when you have actually been bitten but also when you feel intimidated by any dog

10/08/2012 at 14:30

Well yes, all good advice, but I don't think I need to be an expert in canine psychology just to go out for a run. The vast majority of pooches I meet are friendly enough or just ignore me, or get in my way but that's alright.

As for aggressive dogs - if they're the little yappy things that go for your ankles or achilles I'll try to stamp on or kick them. If they're bigger and determined to have a go there's not a lot we can do I suppose. But certainly, any dog that bites should be put down, no questions asked.

10/08/2012 at 15:15

It's rare that I complete a long run without being hassled by dogs (or, more accurately, their owners).  Dog owners need to appreciate that just because they like their dog, it doesn't mean everyone else will, especially when they jump up at strangers.  Saying "he's only being friendly" is not very reassuring, and pretty much irrelevant - people ought to be able to run through public places without having dogs jump up at them.  I've had some success with a dog dazer, but they're quite unwieldy and don't always work.

On one occasion, after I was bitten on the leg by an alsation, the owner told me it was my fault as I was holding my hat in my hand. 

Someone ought to invent some kind of restraining device for dogs, maybe something that attaches to their collars that the owner can hold. 

(of course there are also many responsible dog owners). 

13/08/2012 at 08:54
I'm sure we've all had the 'he only wants to be friendly' before the dog starts growling at or trying to nip us, then it's 'oh, he's never done that before' in the kind of tone that suggests it's our fault.

I had one woman with a collie on the beach who told me to stop running so that her dog wouldn't bite me (I don't run past dogs, either, I usually slow up before passing to suss them out - the dog ran after me when I was 40 metres away). After the dog had run at me and started trying to round me up, growling, I told her to keep it under control, otherwise I'd do something to it that would make sure it had to be put down. She got it under control and onto a lead quickly enough after that (she was with her husband, so it was two against one and I wasn't bullying some little old lady). These owners act as if their animal has as many or more rights than other people in a public space!

If their dog isn't 100% reliable around people, then it needs to be on a lead at all times in public. Having said that, I don't mind over-friendly ones too much.

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