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22/10/2012 at 19:28
Hello all, I've read numerous threads on blister advice and tips and tricks etc, but i can't stop getting blisters on my feet in various places. I've got some new brooks ghost 5 which have a higher arch support and I find are better for my feet than the nimbus I've previously used for arch blisters. With the ghost on my right foot only the end of my second toe next to the big toe gets sore and after a 10 miler had a small blister. I agonised in the shop over the fit as I was returning the nimbus 14's due to issues and these have plenty of room with my heel back in the shoe. I can't believe therefore my toe is hitting the end any ideas what to do any bigger and they would be too big and cause over problems. I have twin skins and mono skin socks not sure what's going on with my feet at the moment
22/10/2012 at 19:43

X-socks? They stopped me getting blisters.

22/10/2012 at 20:52
Blimey 18 quid a pair they better run the marathon for me.

I've recently bought some hilly twin skin and the mono skins. I have some karrimor dual layer socks also do I really need another pair ?
22/10/2012 at 21:53

What about 5 fingered socks - in case it's your toes rubbing together that's the problem.

23/10/2012 at 00:40

How odd. After our long shoe discussion on your other post, I've just started running in my new Ghosts and am getting a sore second toe as well. Also on my right foot, which I already know is slightly bigger than my left. But I've just moved up yet another half size so just can not believe (a) the shoes are too small or (b) my toe's hitting the end of them. I do lace up tightly.

After 9 miles of intervals tonight I felt like I was only another mile or so away from the beginnings of a pretty bad blister but luckily made it home with all skin intact.

And GymAddict - I already run in toe socks so that's definitely not the problem.

My old Asics:

 My new Brooks:

 Pencil showing how much wiggle room the shoes have...

I'm going to persist with them and try to wear them in gradually, as apart from the toe thing I like the fit and feel of them. But in the meantime, I'm sticking with my trusty Cumulus for longer runs...

23/10/2012 at 10:14

Thanks for the replies and Hi  again runs-with-dogs

Ive been periodically re-reading your post on my other thread as it was so helpfull regarding the arch blisters and the shoes I was wearing at the time.

Ive not tried those injini socks but to be honest if I had a choice out of the arch blisters or the 2nd toe blister I would take the second toe blister.  I like those x-socks and might try a pair just not sure on the evo dual skin ones or the performance ones.


The Ghost's IMO are great shoes, I just cant work out the sore toe situation.  My casual shoes are 45 and I run in a 46 I have plenty of space about as much as runs-with-dogs picture above shows.

It sort of feels like my toe is slapping the innersole on the right side.  Ive run the laces through the final hole for my track session tonight to see if that helps keep my heel locked in place (not sure thats the problem however).


Only other thing I can think of is im clawing the innersole with my toes, the toe in question isnt even my longest toe !, its a close call but the big toe wins by a hair.


all these recent troubles has got me looking at my running form.  Im going to try and concentrate on adopting the chi running style.

23/10/2012 at 10:38
Given a choice I think I'd pick the arch blister - Compeed patches do a good job of covering them up if necessary but I haven't figured out yet how to patch up an end-of-toe blister. After an ultra at the start of the year I practically lost the whole end of my 2nd toe to a big blister and I REALLY don't want to go there again!

I think I'm going to try out the Brooks with a pair of insoles out of my Asics. I find the Brooks to feel a lot firmer overall so maybe a slightly softer insole for the 'wearing in' period might help...
23/10/2012 at 12:46

runs-with-dogs whats interesting is my left foot is fine not even a twinge in the toe department, and being as both feet are the same size rules out the shoes being too small.  It is still possibly my feet are hitting the end but not due to the shoe being too small perhaps my running form or lacing technique although im not convinced it is.

The Brooks definately are firmer but I have grown to like this and actually really like the shoes, I love the higher arch support the innersole gives and how comfy they feel.

the blister I got after 10 miles was quite small, which I drained and it was fine the next day, over 26.2 miles who knows what would have happened which is why im slightly worried going forward with the shoe.  whats leads me to believe its my running form is that I can feel it from the off like my toes are slapping the sole, so tonight im going to concentrate on relaxing my feet etc.

what I have noticed about the shoes is the end of the toe box is more re-inforced than my old asics.

I have also read of people using gel toe caps to solve toe end blisters which I may try if it becomes serious.

Out of interest ive done around 35 miles in my Brooks now should they be broken in ?

23/10/2012 at 15:44

Buder - I use the gel toe caps all the time on both my big toes.  I was forever getting black nails and finally discovered that when I walk and run I stick my toes up in the air so they always hit off the top.  They work a treat. At first you think it feels really uncomfortable, but I find that once I start running I don't even notice them.  I even cut one down and used on my little toe for a marathon when it was rubbing badly and getting blistered.

23/10/2012 at 15:54
Fiona J wrote (see)

Buder - I use the gel toe caps all the time on both my big toes.  I was forever getting black nails and finally discovered that when I walk and run I stick my toes up in the air so they always hit off the top.  They work a treat. At first you think it feels really uncomfortable, but I find that once I start running I don't even notice them.  I even cut one down and used on my little toe for a marathon when it was rubbing badly and getting blistered.


Hi Fiona thats great you have found a solution.

come to think of it my old asics had a small hole at the top which could mean I was doing something similar.

Can you let me know what ones you use and where you get them from ?.  Also do you need to tape them in place or do they manage to stay in place.   Do they rub the neighbouring toe at all ?.




23/10/2012 at 16:04
Aha! This sounds interesting! I'm paying close attention...
24/10/2012 at 12:50

Hi All,

Hopefully Fiona will pop back some time and let us know about how she uses those toe caps.

Incidentally I managed to find gel toe caps online yesterday and ordered a pack of small/medium ones for my 2nd/3rd toe.  Im not sure if they need tapping to stay on but ive got a 7 mile club run tomorrow so will find out  if they arrive in time.

Last night my toe blistered again it was a track session and we must have done about 5 miles in all so its becoming an issue if its blistering at only 5 miles, although it was probably still sore etc from Sunday's longer run which may have made it more susceptible last night.

runs-with-dogs what version do you have as mine look slightly different to your Ghosts ? ive posted a few pics below of my wiggle room what do you think regarding whther they could infact be too small ?.



24/10/2012 at 15:15
In the pic they're Ghost 4s, bought at discount as replaced by the 5s. But I took them back and exchanged them for another pair as they had a small manufacturing defect, and got given a pair of 5s for the same price. Sweet!

And while I'm no expert, I'd say the sizing of your shoes looks fine. Definitely not too small. Loads of wiggle room. And if you're lacing them tight enough it's unlikrly your foot is moving around inside them. I'm definitely lacing mine up tight enough.

Going to persist with wearing them in over short distances and see how it goes. If I had to go down the gel cap route I'd just abandon the shoe, to be honest. I can take a pair of Cumulus's out of the box and head out for a 20 mile run and they're perfect, so I'm not willing to faff around with gel toe caps etc. though if you try them and they work for you, go for it!
24/10/2012 at 15:30

Yes true, such a shame though as ive tried two pairs of shoes in the last 4 weeks and have had issues with both

I really like the Ghost 5's be a shame to loose faith in them, problem is I didnt get this blister to begin with and by now ive done some mileage on them so cant return them etc. 

Ill see how these toe caps go I like the shoes enough to give them a try but I long for the days when I could just concentrate on my running rather than worrying about shoes !


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