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Triple F - 12th May

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12/05/2003 at 23:27
The journey home worked out brillilantly. Fraggle drove Pix and myself to Theale and then EP's hubby drove me to Basingstoke station and I caught the train (one was waiting at the platform) to Tisbury. My father drove me home from there and I got home at about 6.30 which is much earlier than expected.
12/05/2003 at 23:29
thats good Fi -

i was glad i only had a 10 min drive at the end - dont think a long drive on the mway would have been a good idea with no sleep !!
12/05/2003 at 23:32
When I came back from TW practice I was so tired that for the 1st time ever I thought I was going to go to sleep.

I had left my house at 6.30 am, driven 1 1/2 hours to Theale and then another 1 1/4 to Nicks.

We walked for 9 hours and then I did the reverse journey. Its quite scarey as even with the radio on and the window open you can't seem to wake yourself up.
WildWill    pirate
12/05/2003 at 23:34
very dodgy driving when over tired - i once ended up getting cut out of a car and haveing to be sorted by a plastic surgon
12/05/2003 at 23:37
I wont be doing it again but I honestly didn't realise that I was that tired. When EP was in the car it was fine as I talked to her but afterwards especially on the motorway it was horrid.

Ouch Will - that sounds awful, hope that this was a while ago?
WildWill    pirate
12/05/2003 at 23:39
oh yes - about 8 or 9 years back
12/05/2003 at 23:40
just been reading the sweetcorn thread - fruity the mind boggles !!
12/05/2003 at 23:43
Right am giving in to tiredness, speak to you tomorrow.
WildWill    pirate
12/05/2003 at 23:45
im off to pass out too


12/05/2003 at 23:46
i was once in a minor coach crash on the motorway coming back from London in the early hours - a van in front just swayed across the lanes in front and the coach driver tried to avoid it but still hit the back and the windscreen just shattered - but the driver managed to bring the coach to a safe stop - everyone on the coach was allright as they were pi55ed, asleep or some who had been 'smoking' at the back were very relaxed
12/05/2003 at 23:47
nite fi

nite WW
13/05/2003 at 00:08
nite peeps

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