Brighton Sunday 17th Nov

Good Luck all FFF Members

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17/11/2002 at 08:27
I couldn't get on the site for a big chunk of yesterday either, EP. It just shut me out at about half-past three. So I had to do some work :-(

Work's done now :-)

Hope you have a brilliant time at Brighton. Blessings to everyone else too. Give 'em all a big soggy kiss from me.

I've put my swanky running gear on, assembled my maps and safety pins, made a flask of coffee, and am getting carbed up as well as hyped up. This is what it's all about!

Mizzly outside, but not as bad as yesterday. Quite chilly too. Not sure if I'm enough of a wuss to wear gloves for the race, but they'll be in the car with my change of clothes, all sharing a bag with a couple of hot water bottles.

Catch you all later. Or be caught by you.
17/11/2002 at 11:54
Racing and Meeting up -- you jammy buggers. Although, I'm sure a thought passed through my mind at 11am whilst I was still snoring :)
17/11/2002 at 12:15
Hope yous all have a great race/run... and I'll be looking in later to see how ya all done ;-0
17/11/2002 at 15:35
Well, I'm back!

Cath, if I hadn't known that my absence would be noticed, I'd have been in bed with three children, two cats, one Sunday Times, a slab or two of chocolate, and...what else?...oh, yes, Mr V-rap, at 11am today. Or, more likely, out at church. But one can dream.

Think I've managed to lose Glenn on the M6 somewhere. Not surprised - I lost myself too when I missed the temporary turning on to Spaghetti and ended up detouring round the motorway network south of Brum while shoving the contents of my goody bag down my neck, more from frustration than hunger. Ah, well, after a race I suppose it's OK to have chocolate for lunch. Nearly broke my fangs on the horse brass, though.

I've posted a race report on Events. This one really brought home to me just how detrained I am now. My heart and lungs struggled for the first half and I was quite glad of the enforced single-file walking breaks. Then I got a cramp in the calf of my good leg and found running quite uncomfortable for a bit. The dousing in the river a mile from the end cured the cramp, and I was just getting into a rather slow stride when the finishing line loomed ahead. Not complaining - 72 minutes is about what I'd expected.

Glenn is even better looking than his photo (and I don't mean the lobster) suggests, and Slowboy...well, sorry SB, you're gorgeous, but I do have a soft spot for horses so your pic takes the honours.

Didn't need the hot water bottles or most of the spare clothes. I'll have to smarten up now because Kevin's schoolfriend is being confirmed later this afternoon and I promised that we'd go along to support her.

Really want to get back into training now. Hope the feeling lasts.
17/11/2002 at 15:42
V-rap -- nah, it wasn't that you weren't missed (starting to dig) it's just I was up at the crack of dawn chasing the dog around the garden in the rain and I was shattered afterwards :) oh, and it has been miserable and cold here today... 'staying-in-bed' weather. In fact, I'm just realising that the reason I probably feel OK today is because I've done nowt :) and I've been naughty - ate a bag of crisps.... Miss-Fussy-Pants is in residence :)
17/11/2002 at 16:17
I meant missed from the race, not from the forums, Cath! I'd posted up my number, and that was incentive enough not to pull out due to idleness alone.

Unlike you, I haven't got a good reason to include lie-ins in my training programme.

Delighted to hear that you're able to eat crisps again after having such nasty chemo side-effects in the mouth department.

Loved your stories about the dog and the tail-gater.

Blessings, V-rap.
17/11/2002 at 16:23
V-rap -- ooops, I see. See, I've been explaining to all and sundry I have chemo-brain - you know that technical well known symptom of having fog in place of the brain :) Oh and it's only Salt & Vinegar crisps, which is strange because I'd been off them for years and my favourites are cheese and onion but they taste really awful!! Strange thing at times the taste but yeah, appetite has returned - which it does tend to do within the last week of the cycle... where I eat like a horse and then switch back to Miss-Fussy-Pants for the other 2 weeks :) Oh and glad the stories were 'helpful' *g* Have a nice afternoon at church (I loved my confirmation service).
17/11/2002 at 16:52
Hi all

We had a bril time with georgous weather. new PB of 55:03 with redhead close and wannabe runner close on my heels with 26. snails pace just broke the hour and Sassie and benz not too far behind. Pixie had a bit of touble so I don't know her time yet.

Must spend time with family now.

17/11/2002 at 17:24

17/11/2002 at 17:53
hello fitties -

respect to you racers - Vrap - is suicide painless?

JJ - great time

Benz and Sassie good

Pix - hope it was ok - are you ok?
17/11/2002 at 17:57
bune: hello! :) how are you?

oh, and well done all you racers!
17/11/2002 at 18:01
oh this weekends hockey was a bit of a mare

nasty injuries to our best player - thought shed torn knee ligaments but its hopefully only a strain

I had a tight quad at the beginning of the game and it got progressively tighter! then collided with a defender as they scored 2nd goal and it got really tight - however she did kick me in the head which sorted the neck spasm out!
we lost 3 - 0 and had 6 players with various injuries so it was a relief when it all finished
thigh was very sore and stiff last night and i can just about walk on it so running will probably nothappen this week and may have to see the physio to get it fit enough for saturday - but thats hockey

the team I was in did win the quiz nite though - The Walking Wounded - so brain still functions in respect to trivia!

17/11/2002 at 18:03
Personal worst for me (68.07), despite no walk breaks
Oh well
Lovely course though and FAB to see everyone
Sassie wasnt far behind me, we were together till 8 k, and then i tried for a sprint finish
Well done JJ
Maccy, youre skinny!!
17/11/2002 at 18:03
" however she did kick me in the head which sorted the neck spasm out!"


that's cheered me right up, thanks ;)

I only got in from our unit dinner at mid-day today - had a few hours' sleep but brain is still dead!
17/11/2002 at 18:20
Benz it was lovely to see you, sassie,ep, redhead and snails pace. Missed Maccy :-( was he at the pub? You looked very strong at the finish.

I waited and waited for EP but though I must have missed her, when did she come in?

Redhead we must run together next time to see if we can get our times down.
17/11/2002 at 18:20
Hi Bune and Psi :-)
17/11/2002 at 18:22
JJ! Hello :)
17/11/2002 at 18:27
You a bit bored today Psi?
17/11/2002 at 18:29
JJ, Pix was about 15 minutes behind me, dont know thw finishing time
Thanks for yelling at me near the finish, the thought of gin kept me going
17/11/2002 at 18:35
Well done to all you Brighton lot. How did you recognise each other? (Am assuming Benz not in pyjamas etc. etc.)
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