bruised toe pads!

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18/11/2009 at 14:30


Maybe this has come up before but as I'm a complete luddite I can't find it.

I'm getting up to the 6 mile mark (for the first time) now but ... on anything over 5 miles the pads of my toes are really hurting - both feet. They feel like they are bruised and I have to try and run on my heels a bit more.  Once I stop for 10 mins they are fine for walking and don't hurt and don't look brusied.

 I have good socks and good proper running / not too old trainers. 

I also get the same when I walk for a long time (say up Snowdon or some such).  Again I've got all the right gear.

 Can anyone suggest a fix?! 

 I'd really like to get up to a half marathon @ some point.

 Thanks in advance.


18/11/2009 at 15:21
Are you sure you have shoes with sufficient cushioning? Also your running action might need looking at. I used to bounce along with big strides like I used to do when running 400m but, after a few related injuries, now I have a more efficient and less impacting `shuffle`!

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2 messages
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