Relieving the pressure on the second toe

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21/04/2007 at 20:31
I have had bunions for donkey's year, ever since I was a kid - they don't really cause me any problems and over the years they've improved due to yoga practice stretching the toes out straighter.

The problem I'm having is that I find on longer mileage runs the pressure on the second toes in (they're on both feet)seems to make it start to go a bit numb and I find the toes are really sore, the nail is likely to become painful. When I did the GNR both the toes were completely numb for miles and I lost both nails and had big blisters underneath.

I don't feel its really needed to have the operation to remove them as they are not getting any worse, but is there anything else I can do prevent the pain? I have plenty of room in the toe box of my shoes - would padding help between the toes or would this make it worse when I run? I find if I try to straighten the toes up too much I get really bad cramp in my arch.

Any suggestions I would be really grateful for! I
22/04/2007 at 21:32
something simple but worth a try
get some chiropody felt (semi-compressed felt try and google it)
and cut a do-nut shape and stick that onto the underside of your foot around the metatarsal head - the bit that hurts (wish i could draw a picture)

it should take the pressure off

it probably wouldn't work for two hours of running as the felt would get squashed but worth a try before you start doing something more drastic

if it works might be worth having a simple insole made which does the same thing but in a more permanent form

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2 messages
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