Anyone understand kCal and kJoule?

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11/04/2003 at 19:11
I've just bought some Kendals Mint Cake, as recommended in the "Windy runs" thread below.

On the wrapper it says that each 100g contains 350 kCal or 1500 kJoules (figures from memory, they might be wrong).

I don't understand this. I've always thought in terms of plain ole calories.

Can anyone smarter and more scientific than me explain this? Ta very muchly in advance.
11/04/2003 at 19:18
My understanding is (and biology lessons were along time ago!!) is that a kcal is what we all know as calories. A kilojoule is just a different measurement (like metres and feet), which is by recollection 4point something times a kilocal.

Hope this helps (and I haven't got it all completely wrong!
11/04/2003 at 19:21
That was my understanding too, I think the conversion factor is 4.2 from memory.

I did scare myself first time I looked at a bar of chocolate, as I didn't realise there was this mysterious factor of 1000 involved, and I thought that the 300 calorie bar of choc was actually 300,000 calories - i.e. about 100 days food!
11/04/2003 at 21:26

Isn't a kcal (or an ordinary calorie) the amount of energy it takes to heat a gram of water by one degree?

Eh, Muttley--you could boil a kettle on that bar of mintcake, and have a nice cup of tea when you get in!
11/04/2003 at 22:03
Right-oh, so these new-fangled kCals are what I know as calories. This mint cake seems pretty energy-packed stuff. I wonder how it compares with energy gels.

Mim - I always finish my runs with a nice cuppa. Isotonic drinks are for wimps!
12/04/2003 at 11:17
indeed! you just can't beat a nice cup of tea!
13/04/2003 at 19:09
Well, Muttley--I'll go for a cup of tea too. Although yesterday I did (mainly out of morbid curiosity)try the cold bath a la Radcliffe method of recovering from an 8 mile run.

I have never felt anything like it. I thought I was going to die. It was the physical equivalent of utter dismay.

Having said that, no niggles today: but frankly a day of niggles is considerably less excruciating than five minutes of utter freezing despair, so I'm going to stick to the nice cup of tea method from now on, I think!
Kanga M    pirate
14/04/2003 at 21:10
Mim - I just spray cold water on the legs in the shower for a minute or two, none of this whole body malarky ! Seems to help though, must admit ...
The Evil Pixie    pirate
14/04/2003 at 22:22
did you know that Kendal Mint cake may soon stop being made due to the poxy EU
15/04/2003 at 13:29
Why? even though I can't stand it I am curious why production may stop?

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