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Would you sign your children up to race?

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27/10/2013 at 14:48
Sussex Runner NLR wrote (see)

I wouldn't say that parkrun encourages children. The ethos, as I read it is that athletes run at their own risk at a free event. The parents take responsibility for their own children. I don't think parkrun discourages children from running, the same as they don't discourage anyone else from taking park.

I'd say it depends on the individual parkrun. My local one (Gateshead) are very encouraging to the kids who take part. Only yesterday I saw a young girl applauded over the line in last place.

31/10/2013 at 14:42

My children (7&10) have started parkruns and we have been welcomed wherever we have run with them - 2 in London and 1 in Weymouth.  They started running/walking and now manage to run all the way really nicely. The fellow runners and volunteers have been great in supporting them, and they enjoy all the data at the end of the day.  My son is about to start beating me so its time for me to get on the track..

31/10/2013 at 15:53

I'm sure kids are applauded crossing the finish line all the country Jim. Doesn't mean that parkrun encourages them any more any lass than anyone else. Since my post there does seem to be quite a few Junior parkruns cropping up all over the place. At 2k most people would suggest that it is a more suitable distance for younger kids. 

31/10/2013 at 20:20

There are kids that regularly thrash me at park run, and there's a 14 yr old girl who I have a 'battle' with most wks for first lady (child!)  I love it.  She's the future, I'm old enough to be her mother and therefore anything but the future.  My kids are still little but my 5 yr old daughter just did her first fun run at a 10k I did.  It was less than a mile, she enjoyed herself despite coming last (she was the youngest) and proudly took her medal to school the next day.  If my kids take up running then great.  But it's a sport I didn't start doing till I was in my 20s so if they don't take it up when kids then I'm sure they'll find something else they enjoy.

01/11/2013 at 10:43

Agree with you carovet.  Some of the children are really impressive.  What I like is that mine still appear happy to just complete it and improve their times which is really great for my 10 year old who tends to give up if he's not feeling up to it, so for him finishing is really the target and an achievement in itself. Then he'll enjoy analysing the data after. While the 7 year old has a completely different approach....parkrun works for both these characters as well as my husband who, when not encouraging our kids, is desperate not to be beaten by 14 year olds...

11/11/2013 at 19:20

My nine year old daughter has just joined an athletics club. The club requires them to show committment by competing in 4 races a year to represent the club. I think this is a great idea.

Not sure of distances, but will vary between age groups which range from 9 to 16 and then 16+.


 11 year old said "you're not going to make me go to athletics are you?" She's more music and art and anything not to work up a sweat!

I haven't run since school, but felt so lazy I have just started couch to 5 as youngest wants me to go running with her!

02/12/2013 at 08:10

lack of local events for children here. lack of events within 20 miles for any age group, mind...

the girl in the house (age 5 1/2) has done 3 great mini runs so far. more of an event than a race I suppose but still all part of the fun. she loves to clap and cheer in the "runny run runners" as they cross the finish line of any event. one of my favourite pictures is her, aged 3, wearing her finishers medal, and cheering on the children who are still crossing the line.

I hope she continues to want to join in and take part (on a strictly medals and t shirt basis) and gets enjoyment out of running. watching her mummy (and very occasionally daddy) run will have given her no notion of competition against others (!) but hopefully will have shown her that much personal satisfaction can be gained from crossing a finish line.

hard to see why you wouldn't encourage (but not insist) on exercise for anyone at any age really...

02/12/2013 at 18:27

I'm 12 and do lots of parkruns. I have done two 10k's but I won't do another for a while. I run a lot and I am competitive with a 21:19 5k and 44:23 10k but I do think more children's races are needed for the 5k distance as only the best of the best get to do competitive 5k's. The closest competitive 5k I get is my local parkrun so more is needed I believe.


07/12/2013 at 05:01

school X-C? School athletics? Should be the kids signing themselves up to take part. 

07/12/2013 at 07:54

As I said Chappers the school races are only for the best of the best. You don't sign up

08/01/2014 at 07:31

Absolutely yes! My daughter is 5 and has the running bug. I enter her in 1-3 races a year which she trains for. She won the mini great north run last year and it did her confidence a worldof good. More importantly, it gives her a sense of direction and achievement, it also keeps her fit and gets her in the routine of looking after herself as she grows up.


08/01/2014 at 07:33

agree with the lad up the page.5k's are a great distance for races. My 5 year old does one every other month. Her pb is 28:46. She loves parkrun

09/01/2014 at 12:22

I'm not a great runner, but I enjoy the occasional 10k, last year I encouraged my football mad 7yr old nephew to join me in a 2k at Whipsnade Zoo - in the end 3 others joined us plus family spectators, and everyone loved the day as our race entry included entry to the whole park.  My nephew beat me, won his first medal and is raring to do it all again this summer - this time he wants his Dad to enter so he can beat him!

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