Anyone Had Surgery For It?

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16/06/2005 at 23:38
I need a little friendly advice from you peeps. I was diagnosed with chondromalacia in September 2004 when training for the Nike 10k. My consultant told me to stop all sporting activities and I have been attending a physio for 10 months on a weekly basis to strengthen my VMO's etc.

To cut a long and dull story short, the physio has not helped at all, I am in pain a lot of the time and mu consultant suggested that I consider having lateral release and 'shaving' all done via an arthroscopy.

He has given me until September to think about it.

Just wondering if anyone has had this procedure done, whether it worked, what to expect, what the recovery period was like etc.

Any advice would be appreciated greatly in me making a decision.

PS. I've put on 2 stone thanks to doing absolutely nowt!
17/06/2005 at 01:47
Before going that far, have you looked into the pattstrap? I have used a lot of their products and they help big time... have a read on the website and see if it is for you.. they offer fast free shipping from the US..
17/06/2005 at 01:48
PattStrap website as a link best of luck with what ever you choose.
17/06/2005 at 09:54
Hi John,

I have been wearing a strap but no joy unfortunately :-(
18/06/2005 at 14:54
Do not have surgery!

Not until you have read the book pain free.

Check out

I am a postural alignment therapist practising this method in southeast London.
Through personal experience, chronic pain and injury, I know it works - permanently!

18/06/2005 at 15:19
Many thanks.

I will have to check it out

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