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26/01/2007 at 23:26
Well, I had an osteopath appointment yesterday at the BSO. They reckon that the musculature at the top of the quads is very tight (had that before) and the base of the spine is also quite jammed up (it's usually ok). All the problems they seemed to find were muscle-related.

They did some work on it, loosening the muscle and joints, and one which he warned could aggravate the capsule. I toddled off home and had some diazepam. It felt a bit better and I thought that maybe things would improve. However today I've been limping all day and really struggling to even get around. I took the max amount of paracetamol on top of the Celebrex too, and even a few drinks at the social didn't help.

So, I've made a provisional appointment with Hashemi-Nejad for Tuesday afternoon.

I recognise that there are musculature concerns, but I think these are are secondary due to the time elapsed and there's a structural fault that's at the root of the whole thing. The physio and other people agree with me.
So far, the people who 'count' don't.

I just hope that this isn't the £200 start of a slippery slope of a money pit.
27/01/2007 at 22:30
ms, good and bad then. I really don't know which way to go myself. pissed off is the term that comes to mind. really, day and night the pains nagging all the time.I've got to wait to see if the companies insurance will pay for any more treatment otherwise the big bungo will be on the way from the company. I went to a social this afternoon, it was one of my mate's childs birthday.. a couple runners were there who I use to race with all asking when I would be back. I would love to be fixed but a this time it looks most unlikely. I hope you have better luck. xx
01/02/2007 at 13:59
A bit of an update:

Saw the consultant and he wants to do an anthrogram (the hip was clunking nicely but I couldn't specify where the pain was) plus a numbness test to find out where exactly the problem is. The scan done at BUPA Bushey (not the cheapest of places) would be about £1600. Eek! Fortunately I have an NHS referral to him which may be able to be sorted out.

Went to the osteopath school this morning before work and had a v interesting time - the tutor was v interested in the hip and made the student Tim do some more stuff. She thinks that the main muscle that seems to be causing it is the rectus femoris (where the physio in uni 10 years ago said) which inserts (attaches) to the labrum area of the hip socket so if there is a tear there or some other problem, that's what the whole thing could be. All the other muscle stuff is secondary and caused by this. I mentioned the ankle thing and she agreed (yes!) that there are interactions between it all and the hip problem could be affecting the ankle, shoulder and neck or vice versa.

So in three weeks we'll be having a double session where they'll look at my whole body to see where all the hiccups are and analyse it to sort it all out. Going to be great fun! In the meantime, she's instructed Tim to sort out/calm down the specific hip area. I wanted to hug her so much!

So I thought that I'd wait to hear what happens regarding the NHS stuff as she was pretty confident the side effects (most of the discomfort/pain) could be calmed down with a few treatments. So it's looking up.

I also went to Pilates last night which has helped too.

mf4 - where are you based?
01/02/2007 at 20:08
Tor - hadn't seen your thread until now. Sorry progress is so slow for you. Easy to say, but keep positive. It might not feel like it, but everyday you are getting closer to getting it resolved. Leaving lots of hugs for you (((((( )))))) xxx
01/02/2007 at 23:36
Thanks Arty. Today's been better but I know I need to sort out my posture at my desk and I've probably developed a few bad habits walking too. Just glad it's not so uncomfortable.

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