triple f, sunday 1st June

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01/06/2003 at 22:11
I think there can sometimes be a danger in appearing too keen too soon tho ?
01/06/2003 at 22:13
I really dont agree with that

if ya like someone, tell em

lifes too short to mess about, unless you like the games, which i never have
WildWill    pirate
01/06/2003 at 22:14
Life would be much easyer that way
01/06/2003 at 22:15
it would Will

When i think of all the time wasted game playing------
01/06/2003 at 22:17
Agreed Benz - if someone wants to play games, I ain't playing - she can do it with someone else.

Still haven't posted BTW, keep getting busy on here!
01/06/2003 at 22:17
So dont you mess about either then:)
01/06/2003 at 22:20
well i'm too honest to play games too, but being too upfront too soon seems to scare people off!
01/06/2003 at 22:23
I suppose one shouldnt be totally upfront in the sense of telling someone your life history the first time you meet them

Thats hard, cos if i fell i can talk to someone------

Also, if you really fancy someone,then its a bit too easy to start imagining things you have in common, and fantasising about the future

having said that
i think phoning someone after a night out, well, there =s no point in playing hard to get then
01/06/2003 at 22:25
Not my style Benz.

Just sent the thing - now wait nervously for her to get into work tomorrow morning and then be waiting for a response. Gulp!
01/06/2003 at 22:26
i knew it wasnt your style
Im crossing everything
01/06/2003 at 22:26
I think I'm gonna become a hermit!
01/06/2003 at 22:27
Yeah I think if you tell them about all your past relationships on the first meeting or your 20 year history of psychiatric illness then that will scare them Alan!

There's a difference between gradually revealing yourself and actually playing games though, which I think is what Benz is driving at.
WildWill    pirate
01/06/2003 at 22:28
I've forgoten how to (sorry for the term) pull someone
01/06/2003 at 22:29
Well if you remember Will then let us know :-)
01/06/2003 at 22:29
i cant talk
I tell em ALL
then wonder why they dont call
01/06/2003 at 22:30
Its easier being a hermit.
01/06/2003 at 22:30
Thanks for keeping everything crossed Benz - wow - even your piccie has everything crossed!
01/06/2003 at 22:31
I don't bloody do that Benz and Fruits!

plus I aint got no psychiatric illnesss!

just eg if being a Dr conjures up images of evenings at the Rotary Club I goota let them know early that isn't on the agenda

01/06/2003 at 22:31
Not sure I see why you all make it sound so difficult... Surely if you like someone, you ask to see them. If it's all too complicated then maybe the person isn't right for you anyway???

I'll get me coat
01/06/2003 at 22:33
well no helen thats - ipso facto
221 to 240 of 372 messages
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