triple f, sunday 1st June

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WildWill    pirate
01/06/2003 at 23:19
Mines actually 2mora - but have been celebraiting at w/e
01/06/2003 at 23:19
And bune
01/06/2003 at 23:19

and i don't think I am letting the cat out of the bag by saying Meerkat's birthday is on the same day (if you didn't know already)
WildWill    pirate
01/06/2003 at 23:19
nite benz
01/06/2003 at 23:20
thanks for that

My sisters birthday is tomorrow
01/06/2003 at 23:20
cool theres lots of us!
WildWill    pirate
01/06/2003 at 23:21
My brothers was friday
01/06/2003 at 23:21
and my dads 2 moro!
01/06/2003 at 23:21
Smitch is the 13th
01/06/2003 at 23:21
Night John-boy, oops will
01/06/2003 at 23:22

u got a brother then WW - younger?
WildWill    pirate
01/06/2003 at 23:23
Yer 3 yrs younger
01/06/2003 at 23:23
Nite Benz

My mothers is on the 7th and my brother's is on the 20th.

My dad thinks of taking a holiday in June.
Don't know why? :)
01/06/2003 at 23:28
my mum and dad are both geminis
01/06/2003 at 23:29
I seem to remember there's a rash of b'days around Crimbo time as well - myself included.
WildWill    pirate
01/06/2003 at 23:32
Well im going 2 crash

01/06/2003 at 23:32
praps we should do a star sign poll thread - to see how many of what sign we have!
01/06/2003 at 23:33
nite WW - hope tomorrow is a good day for you
01/06/2003 at 23:34
Night Will

Bune: are you expecting one particular star sign to shine through?

Are runners or forumites in particular?

And which of my star signs do you want?

In England I am gemini.

In Ceylon (where I was born) I am Sagittarius.
01/06/2003 at 23:38
ooh Sam - how does that work - they are opposites ?

mm more curiosity really - although there may be some tie in with signs that are in to talking, and technology - gemini, aquarius - but might be interesting to see what different signs running preferences are ?
301 to 320 of 359 messages
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