triple f, sunday 1st June

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02/06/2003 at 00:05
It suddenly occurred to me that there was a record out by that title Alan (I think) - who was it by?
02/06/2003 at 00:05
Ahhhh - yes of course :)
02/06/2003 at 00:07

were you very casual then Al?

Fruits you are definitely not fat !
02/06/2003 at 00:10
Right - bed for me!

night Alan and Bune xx

<<hugs to you both>>
02/06/2003 at 00:10
yeah, I think suit+purple hair is more me
02/06/2003 at 00:12
like everyone says "just be yourself" - who the f*ck else can you be?
02/06/2003 at 00:13
nite fruits !

oh i dunno Al - you could be chilled too?
02/06/2003 at 00:13
er you can be anyone you want to be?

whats happened with the textbuddy?
02/06/2003 at 00:14
I wish!

I am chilled - but my head is manic!
02/06/2003 at 00:19
youve been doing a lot of rushing about !
02/06/2003 at 00:19
We had a big chat on the phone on Friday and it was good and more texts since - hoped to speak to her again tonight but she hasn't got back - there could be a million and one reasons for that of course - but why am I so disaappointed? and why am I even contemplating pursuing things with someone 2/3 my age, probably a bit too wild for me, 200 miles away?
02/06/2003 at 00:21
I know - Im just chasing f*cking rainbows - and I dont just mean the relationship stuff - I mean life in general!
02/06/2003 at 00:27
no your not - your going out into the world and sampling a little of whats on offer - lifes buffet - and things are happening for you - much more than if you were just sitting at home - just try to relax a bit and let things happen in their own time - youre doing great Al

says me who texted J on Sat to say do you want to go to the ballet (she like ballet) and gets one back that says yes - shall i ask the others? der? so i sent one back saying - thats UP TO YOU!
thought maybe that would be a yes or no not a yes lets get a few peeps to go - i was aking her out on her own!
02/06/2003 at 00:32
"actually I was thinking just me and you"
would have been better!

why does it always seem easier when its someone else?
02/06/2003 at 00:34
well methinks its time for bed - im trying to get back into a tproper routine - actually slept thru last night and woke about 9-30ish so im slowly getting there!

try and relax about things Al - youre ok!

catch u tomorrow

nite nite
02/06/2003 at 00:35
yes that s what i thought afterwards - might send one again and say that!

nite nite
02/06/2003 at 00:36
nite xx
02/06/2003 at 07:23
Know what you mean about it being easier to advise someone else!

Maybe I'll adapt that as a strategy - whenever I have to make a decision, pretend I'm making a decision about advice to give someone else!
02/06/2003 at 07:30
me too
good idea iain

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341 to 359 of 359 messages
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