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Can I play and not get injured for running?

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27/02/2004 at 11:53

In the middle of the last cricket season I managed to get achilles tendonitis, largely (I believe) from cricket, though made worse by marathon training. The problem as I see it being caused by bowling - planting the front foot and twisting during the delivery, kind of like a massive over-pronation (plus a jerk of the achilles for good measure).

I overpronate when I run and am probably vulnerable to more achilles (or calf or shin splints) problems. I'm fairly convinced that bowling is a serious risk and my first priority is not to injure myself for running. I can reluctantly give up the cricket, but would hate to have to stop running.

So, my questions. Can I do anything, see anyone or buy anything to minimise the risk of injury? Would achilles/calf stretches (more than I already do) sort me out? Or should I give the cricket a miss this year?

So, if there's a runner-cricketer out there with an achilles history .... please help me!
27/02/2004 at 14:08
Yes, I'd like to know that too.

27/02/2004 at 16:09
I guese you could wear orthotics to prevent the overpronation and achillies twist. You'd just have to spend a bit of time in the nets whilst getting used to them.

these sites should prove useful in avoiding the problem this summer.

27/02/2004 at 18:55
I have tried orthotics (of a sort), but the range of twisting motion is pretty big compared with running, and I don't think it's enough to help significantly.

Anyway, cheers, PM, interesting reading.
27/02/2004 at 20:54
In the running / cricket crossover 2 seasons I managed

1. To get whacked on the thigh in the nets 10 days before a marathon.

2. To get whacked on the ankle fielding the day before a 10k, causing swelling

3. To tear a side muscle bowling at kids at lunchtime nets the day before our club champs. 10k

4. Tread on a ball I was trying to field on a boundary, twist my knee and go flying throught the air a week before my first marathon.

Sadly the cricket has had to go :-(

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5 messages
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