Do we need to eat meat?

For general health as well as running?

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31/03/2004 at 15:07
I gave up meat about two years ago although I still eat fish.

Recently, several people have told me that it is necessary to eat meat (incl. red meat) to stay healthy, especially if you are active and exercise regularly.

Does anyone know anything about this?
31/03/2004 at 15:46
Only if you belong to a species which is an obligate carnivore. That includes velociraptors but not humans. Not sure about Pootles :o)

Seriously, it's perfectly possible to get everything you need to keep you healthy and running without eating meat provided your diet isn't faddy or restricted in other ways too.
31/03/2004 at 16:14
I am 24, haven't eaten meat since I was 9 and have been vegan for a fully year now, never had a problem with energy and do as much sport as I like/time allows for! I am careful with my diet though to ensure I get enough protein (mainly from tofy/soya,beans) and iron and vit C...humans do not need to eat meat or animal produce to live, in fact a good vegan diet is the healthiest one you can follow...

31/03/2004 at 17:22
Isnt it BORING though?
cougie    pirate
31/03/2004 at 17:23
Robert Millar won stages and placed highly in the Tour de France and he was Vegetarian.
31/03/2004 at 18:14
Vegan food isn't boring Hippo. Although I drink milk and eat yoghurt (finding soya milks/yoghurts here is nearly impossible), all my cooked meals are essentially vegan. It just takes some imagination!
31/03/2004 at 18:17
it must do hildy
id be stuck
31/03/2004 at 20:41
I do cook very simple meals, however. as it's just for me. Although I dream of cooking up huge dinners for a hoard.

easy example:

tofu and veggie stir fry on rice.

no animal bits in sight, and so easy!
31/03/2004 at 20:42
i just tend to forget the protein ..which isnt a good idea and then eat loads of tuna for days
31/03/2004 at 20:45
It's easy to stock up on soya things though... mince for the freezer, a couple of packs of tofu, and then soya milk and yoghurts. But I suppose you must really like soya then like I do!
31/03/2004 at 21:01
you arent tempting me ladies
31/03/2004 at 21:04
im not keen on tofu and it means cooking ..which i dont tend to do a very lazy vege !

do eat 'vege' things but as i dont like cheese tends to make the choice a bit limited

ill grab a handful of nuts now and again as well when i think i should get more protein
31/03/2004 at 21:04
Me neither, even though I do like tofu and other soya profucts.
31/03/2004 at 21:20
Can I butt in and ask a question? On discussing preparation for races and marathons in particular, I was told to cut down on eating meat a few days before the marathon as it will make you a bit more dehydrated on the day, as digesting meat interfers with obsorbing water, is this true?
31/03/2004 at 21:24
That's a new one to me, Jane!
WildWill    pirate
31/03/2004 at 21:28
Iron is harder to get without meat as the vegtable sauces of Iron are not absorbed as easily - especialy if you have a high fiber diet, which fluches veg Iron from the body
31/03/2004 at 21:56

I went past a pig farm in Oxfordshire on a mtb ride the other day and the pigs were in a tight dark space, tripping over each other. There was a feeder tank that had more toxic warnings than Chernobyl, which was the pigs food. The smell was so thick I felt sick. Now that aint healthy.
31/03/2004 at 22:00
Thanks VRap, thought it was a bit far-fetched myself, but you never know and I often wonder how these things get known about.
WildWill    pirate
31/03/2004 at 22:12
I used to visit the abatoir(sp?) wen i was a kd plus watch them making black-pudding

I must be hard to put off LOL
31/03/2004 at 22:28
none of you vegans have come up yet with a meal id want to eat
go on, shock me
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