Dr Atkins Diet

Can a Runner do a low carb diet

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26/06/2003 at 17:39
And does that include 1000 cals for booze?
he he
26/06/2003 at 17:40
nooooo thats extra!!
26/06/2003 at 17:40

Id better stop eating then:)))
WildWill    pirate
26/06/2003 at 17:40
Train twice on any day you intend to drink - gives your metablism a bit of a tempory boost

26/06/2003 at 17:42
hmmm - and that could work for days when i intend to eat loads of choccy and crisps !! ;-0
26/06/2003 at 17:43
its the only reason im not putting on weight
Running that is
26/06/2003 at 18:30
well its maintenance then hipps ?

could you cut a few cals somewhere each day - although you dont seem to eat eat that much !
26/06/2003 at 18:31
im just a really lazy cba lardar$e at the mo!!!
26/06/2003 at 18:32
I eat LOADS Bune

Big platefuls of food
and i think ive lost a bit more
26/06/2003 at 18:33
My idea of a portion is double anyone elses

i use butter and cheese and cream!

26/06/2003 at 18:39
theres your culprits then Hipps!

sugar is still mine and carbs occasionally - like now ! im off foraging in tesco soon for chocolatey things!
26/06/2003 at 18:39
im not dieting:))
27/06/2003 at 07:53
hmmmmm interesting. I did start the atkins diet about a fortnight ago and for the first week did really well. Then family dramas sort of killed it off half way through the second week and i was going to start again on monday.

I didn't feel any bad effects from lack of carbs, but I did really really miss fruit and fruit juices, far more than I missed things like crisps n chocolate.

Not entirely sure I'll start again, having read this. Altho the major benefit has been stopping me eating between meals!
27/06/2003 at 12:22
Hi I been on atkins for 4 weeks now and improved on all my previous best times. I have more energy than before not sure how this works but if you read his book it exlains that ultra runners performed better on low carbs than high .Not at that stage yet or in the future. Good luck
27/06/2003 at 12:25
Mark WW, Give it a few months and even my granny will whip your ass in a run.
27/06/2003 at 12:29
I still think there may be a wide variety of reactions to similar medicine's/programs/ and diets.

If it works for you, who am I to say it shouldn't. AGAIN, this is a mere uneducated opinion, I am NOT studying any health orientated courses.

27/06/2003 at 12:31
Daft idea coming up...

Perhaps you could do the Atkins diet instead of Long Slow Runs? After all if half the point of a long run is to teach your body to burn fat effectively and sooner then you could drop the long runs and just eat lard.
27/06/2003 at 12:37
That's a Chaotic idea......I may try that...
WildWill    pirate
27/06/2003 at 13:14
Its the smelly breath and BO diet :o)

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