Eating... Help me please.

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19/07/2007 at 10:28
I am sure it will happen for you eventually although I can appreciate how much having a close friend getting pregnant whilst you are still trying must be very difficult for you. Of course running and eating issues are not of as much importance as concentrating on becoming a mum. For once the list of priorities seems to be in order :) I am glad that you are not worrying about the food or running and indeed that you've totally cut down on the running
15/08/2007 at 14:34

just wondering how you guys are getting on
15/08/2007 at 15:52
So very good thanks, Hippo :)

I think having been sticking to taking my meds and uni having finished I'm on an even keel. I'm finding it easier to cope with things and be positive.

I haven't been running for about a month. I kind of lost the motivation and started getting really tired - couldn't manage much more than a mile without having to stop and walk. Not like me! I think it's done me good not running for a bit though, I'm learning to be OK with what I eat and not worrying about 'running it off'. I must say though, I feel really keen to get back into it again. Just need to be careful I don't get too obsessed with it. I think I'll be OK :)

Made a mistake of flicking through the channels and stopping on Hollyoaks (terrible show, I know), but there's this whole eating disorder thing going on on there and it's kind of triggering... pathetic that a crappy soap could do that, but I'm having to be very careful not to let it get me into being all restrictive. It's meant to be showing to warn people of the dangers, but for anyone with a history of eating disorders/food issues, it's a trigger. Got me a bit annoyed.

Anyway, sorry to have gone off on a whole other subject! Things are better overall.

How's everyone else?

15/08/2007 at 15:53
Glad to hear that Summerrrain
16/08/2007 at 10:01
I must say though, I feel really keen to get back into it again. Just need to be careful I don't get too obsessed with it. I think I'll be OK :)

Just that sounds like you are making progress Summerrain, which I am glad to hear.

Personally have been experimenting with my diet recently...trying the ascertain those foods that cause me discomfort and those which don't.
The result being a bit of a yo-yo last few weeks - though with uni finished for the summer and no related stressors [bar my parents] I have had the opportunity. However, I have made some progress, at least I know now that certain foods do certainly cause me trouble and I am just going to have to forsake them in order to stay happy.

Meanwhile I am also learning to be 'OK with what I eat' although I feel I am running it off I am not getting too obsessed with my weight every day, nor with mileage = food intake.

16/08/2007 at 13:35
i think thats the point you get to when you realise that your not 100% happy but being like this is better than being the way you wre when food ruled your life and you missed out on so much because of it (like socially)
17/08/2007 at 08:45
You make sense LL. I'm not always 100% happy about what I am eating but it gets to the point where it is easier to do that, than have food and eating ruling your life. For me, I am having to readjust to living at home, Mom doing the cooking and having no real control over what I have and when. It is very difficult to do and has taken some adjusting to, even after two years I still find it difficult from time to time.
17/08/2007 at 09:38
but can't you cook too? i share cooking with my parents and my mom has learnt what i like and don't, she also asks me to go food shopping with her so i can help choose things
17/08/2007 at 15:53
she does take what i like and don't like into account, and tries to cook as healthily as possible for the good of all of us. however, she is very 'possessive' about the cooking and sees it very much as her domain. as result i have learn wherever possible not to interfere

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