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04/10/2002 at 15:08
Well, Michelle, after chocolate at 2am it can't get much worse!

Grotty chicken sarnies for lunch - resisted the nasty little individually-wrapped cake bars and had a handful of Hobnobs instead. They taste healthier even if they're not.

Swimming later as no more running before the GNR. Meanwhile...teaching, and trying to ignore pangs of hunger. Suspect a lot of toffees will go down the big red hill before I get to the pool. I think my body thinks I've given up running (despite 6.6 miles yesterday) and is trying to head for set point. Let it try. The GNR should see it off.

Back to work!
04/10/2002 at 15:13
V-Rap - were they dark choc Hobnobs?? My favourites... haven't had them for ages.. want them NOW! Best of luck to you for Sunday for the GNR - you will probably need lots more chocolate before then for energy!! Mmm..do I need chocolate for the 10K on Sunday??? Yes I believe I do!! Might go for a walk later this evening.. I caught sight of my backside in the mirror in the bedroom and for a moment, thought someone had stuck the picture of the rear-end of an elephant on there.. where has my pert little peach gone???!! Heading down to reach the backs of my knees by the looks of it... ho hum... where's those hob-nobs??
Michelle x
WildWill    pirate
04/10/2002 at 15:19
The female of the species are a strange lot :o)
04/10/2002 at 15:23
What time does Brighton start guys?
The Evil Pixie    pirate
04/10/2002 at 15:40
11am Sassie ... you have to be there!!!
04/10/2002 at 16:33
The Hobnobs were the plain variety. I like chocolate and I like biscuits, but I prefer to eat them separately.

I say "were" because the students have been very helpful in ensuring that I won't suffer the temptation of driving in rush-hour traffic with an open packet of Hobnobs in the car.

Michelle, you don't really want a pack of chocolate Hobnobs. You want a...OK, what have you got that's healthy? An apple? A fresh carrot, lightly peeled and dunked in tomato salsa? A boiled egg? A single chocolate Hobnob, eaten slowly?
04/10/2002 at 16:36
Luckily for me V-Rap - all I have in is 'healthy' fruit, fruit, fruit.. Although I really do fancy some chocolate. I think it's cos it's the TOTM..no, that is a lie, I ALWAYS want chocolate, regardless...! But I am gonna be strong and resist the temptation to go and buy some.. I am going to save myself for tonight when I am gonna have a glass of bubbly..! Or, maybe a Baileys which has about a million calories I think!
Michelle x
04/10/2002 at 16:53
EP, I might just ask my boss if she'll take November 17 services........ but 10K? I haven't run 5 yet!
The Evil Pixie    pirate
04/10/2002 at 17:08
Sassie if I can yuo can!
We can do it together!
The Evil Pixie    pirate
04/10/2002 at 17:08
We are talking about running here aren't we!
04/10/2002 at 17:47
B###r im on call on Nov 17th and not sure if I can swap cos ive already done so for the GNR
Entered the reindeer run 10k though on dec 1st
Got shortlisted for the job in Dunfermline, but have decuded not to go ahead, much to the Mr relief
Food , well ill wait till 6 for my gin, but no longer
Supper tonight- meatballs( from Waitrose) in homemade tomato sauce and gratin dauphinois
04/10/2002 at 17:50
The Mr. has just asked me whether I want to go out for a meal tonight - I've told him no, cos I'm don't feel like getting all dolled up so he said, what about pizza!! Now then.. what's a girl to do??!! Can't refuse a pizza can I... I mean, I always have the veggie one anyway.. and I do need those carbs for Sunday don't I?? That's it, I've convinced myself.. pizza it is.. and garlic bread.
Benz - enjoy that gin girl!
Michelle x
04/10/2002 at 18:35
Hope the pizza has LOaDS of cheese on
You need to find a restaurant where you can go in jogging bottoms
Was it the MR's turn to cook?
04/10/2002 at 18:37
Restaurant Benz..? No, he's bringing home a takeaway!!!! (Every night is his night to cook..!!!!) You had that gin yet?
04/10/2002 at 18:40
Yeah, nearly finished
Gonna make the gratin before the next one
I suppose Ill have to make the most of it today, shall only be able to have a bit of wine on Saturday before GNR
04/10/2002 at 18:43
I might have a drop of champers myself with the pizza!! Don't like spirits (the Mr does though - he drinks gin like it's lemonade!!). I'll be alcohol-free tomorrow night too (10K on Sunday) and I'll be thinking of you all at the GNR. What time does it start Benz? I might be back in time to see it on telly. M xx
04/10/2002 at 18:48
Good luck to all of you doing the GNR. The rest of you just fill out the various race application forms. Got my number for the Wildlife Trust 10k today.

Nice try Wild Will. Sometimes they take the bait...
04/10/2002 at 18:49
Erm 11 oclock or so, coverage on beeb 2 from 9.30 10 13.30
I didnt say ill be alcohol free tomorrow night, might need some help to sleep pre race
Champers, wot a posh birrd you are!!
04/10/2002 at 18:56
Champers & pizza - lovely! I am definitely not posh Benz - champers is the only drink I like really (oh, 'cept Baileys!) - might have a little Baileys as well then.. make a night of it!!! Best of luck for Sunday Benz!! Enjoy the gin & meal tonight - & the wine tomorrow!! Can hear the Mr's car pulling up the drive now... ooh I am starving!
Michelle xx
04/10/2002 at 19:27
God ,wish you could smell my tea cooking
Wont be ready for another hour or so
Time for another gin
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