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The Evil Pixie    pirate
16/09/2002 at 09:29
Morning all .. am I the first alive today?
Well so far so good ... cereal for brekkie and a desk draw full of fruit! Leg feeling better today so I will try a brisk walk at lunch (cycle tomorrow and a run Wednesday if all goes to plan!)
Keep smiling!
16/09/2002 at 09:36
Hi everyone,
Well, was I bad yesterday after the 10K..!! Sufice to say, there are no more chocolate biscuits to be found anywhere in this house! Back to being good today though.. (she says..!). I have got to really make a big effort this week though. Me and the Mr. are going on holiday on Saturday - on a cruise on The Oriana - now, you get 6 meals a day..!!! What's a girl to do?? But a week after I come back, I've got the Southend 10K.. so I must not be a greedy girl and eat like it's going out of fashion!! Mind you, on one of the nights there's a buffet made completely of chocolate... and, as you know, I am a complete chocoholic.. so I may have to succumb!! Intend to go out this morning for a long (easy) run! Be good!
Michelle x
16/09/2002 at 09:38
Have a good walk, EP!

Weighed myself today - another pound off, I think - but difficult to be sure as a large brat used my scales as a trampoline on Friday afternoon in a tantrum after I took my auriscope from him. His mother didn't seem remotely inclined to stop him, so I gave him a telling-off, didn't give him a sticker, and chucked the pair of them out since they didn't have a plausible symptom between them anyway.

Did body fat as well - 23%, down from 29% two months ago, on useless machine.

Back at work today. Bah! The colleague who DOES occasionally do some work is back off hols tomorrow, so things should be less pressurised here.
The Evil Pixie    pirate
16/09/2002 at 09:54
I'm going to walk via the local wine merchants to book tickets for their Christmas Wine Tasting evening (having resisted the pudding night with death by chocolate and sticky toffee pudding!) I'll try not to sample any wine as well as that would send me on a fast track down hill via the newsagents for snacks!
Well done Michelle I'm very impressed with your time! I have a 10K in two weeks which will be mainly walked I think! I'm aiming just to finish!
16/09/2002 at 10:03
monday morning... eugh

in true RW style..(2/3 thereof anyway)
cheers: I didn't put any weight ON this week - was concerned I might after a little bit too much entertaining this week so in 2 weeks, 3lb, 17 to go. I think the 12 miler on sunday as prep for the bristol half must have helped there.

Jeers to Sainsbury for putting becks on special - an offer I couldn't refuse!!

mission for the week - no alcohol til after the bristol half on sunday.
16/09/2002 at 11:20
cooked brekkie this am
Run this afternoon
And we both feasted So well last night that were not sure about going out for the Mr's birthday
Maybe my body can be sensible at times
The Evil Pixie    pirate
16/09/2002 at 11:25
So far I ihave eaten my grapes and banana from my desk stash ... I'm soo hungry today! Could this me related to the sh*te that is on at work now!!
Oh and Beth noted <A HREF="http://www.fitday.com">this website earlier which may help ... looks good
WildWill    pirate
16/09/2002 at 11:27
Seemed to of stabilised at 14st 3lb and 19.5% body fat – which is not bad since I had 2 very large pizzas and a Chinese over the weekend ;o)

Still aiming for 14St and 17.5% body fat – hopefully my winter base training including 2 gym sessions a week will help me get there (muscle burns fat)

16/09/2002 at 11:31
Ep dont let the B###tds grind you down
Only eat chocolate for YOU, not 'cos some d###head at work is annoying you
The Evil Pixie    pirate
16/09/2002 at 11:39
Trying to resist ... honest!! But it's hard and I can't go for a destress run thanks to the leg .... but it is almost lunch so I will go for a brisk walk (I hope!!)
16/09/2002 at 11:39

Had an arse time this weekend as I've not managed to shed the cough I was mithering about last week.
Felt proper miserable yesterday (Sunday afternoon blues) and thought a run would make me feel better, then had a huge coughing fit that left me knackered and doubting the wisdom of going out. So I hid under my duvet.

And couldn't sleep til gone 3am cos of coughing so quite grouchy today.

Apologies for the whinge.
16/09/2002 at 11:40
Try a hot toddy bb
16/09/2002 at 11:42
Going through vast quantities of water (ah the cloud has a silver lining!) and intra-venous Benylin.....
The Evil Pixie    pirate
16/09/2002 at 11:42
Rum in with a Lemsip!
16/09/2002 at 11:44
Right ep, thats quite similar to a toddy
Bit early in the morning though
Freshly squeezed lemon ,honey and rum (preferably Captain Morgans spiced, which is also nice in Horlicks)
The Evil Pixie    pirate
16/09/2002 at 11:47
or a very hot curry .... extra calories allowed as this is to help you feel better!
16/09/2002 at 11:48
Oh dear, we're a sorry bunch today aren't we!! Me included - I'm still sitting here in my dressing gown!! Just cannot get my bum into gear today for some reason... think it might be overdose of chocolate that is making me act as if I'm in slow-motion..!! If those buggers at work are getting you down, do what I used to... look at them and tell yourself in a light floaty voice..'This is all temporary..'.. well, it worked for me!!! (well that, and drinking at lunchtime..!!!). Right, now I am definitely getting ready and going for a run, but just cannot drag myself away from this computer..!! Been emailing my mates all morning!!! MICHELLE - GO...NOW!!!!! Oh ok... going....really...no, really..I'm gone.
Michelle x
The Evil Pixie    pirate
16/09/2002 at 11:49
you deserve the rest though!
16/09/2002 at 11:50
Stil not gone... forgot to say, I have done some exercise this morning.. Had to retrieve one of the nutty Siameses who jumped on top of the garden shed, then couldn't get down!! I had to climb up onto the shed (dressed in dressing gown at 8.30am) - not a pretty sight..!! Right, I'm going!
Michelle x
16/09/2002 at 11:50
At least the forum is stopping us eating
I find i need both hands for typing
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