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04/09/2002 at 14:48
Kev, I thought all us fatties knew about the hard surface v carpet thing ;-)

I always get on and off the scale 3 times before I'll settle for a weight!

Just got back from a really hard ride - loads of leg work without stirrups. If that didn't wobble off some fat I don't know what will.

Welcome to all you newbies and happy weight loss.
04/09/2002 at 16:00
Well done not bad ... lost yet another lb so quite content ...
my T-shirt was so soaked through you could see my belly through it !!! huh, there goes the baggy T-shirt hide belly thing... next time ... I'll wear a dark T-shirt :-)

Lost this week 1lb
Lost in total 4lbs
(keep this up, I'll get under the magic 10st next week)
04/09/2002 at 16:50
just been catching up on some back reading - being fairly new to the place i thought i oughtn to check through, make sure i'm not repeating what others have said.

Bore da, V-Rap! Sut da chi heddew, os gwellech yn dda? glad you enjoyed wales, but we don't have anagrams on the road signs, sweetie, just more vowels than the english.

I'm so impressed by the weight losses recorded here - a virtual living testimony to the benefits of running! not that we needed one, all being so dedicated ;-)
keep smiling,
Pamela x
04/09/2002 at 17:09
Pamela, do I get this right? You're saying in some sort of patois that you consider my postings tedious (which I will take on the chin), my coiffure is perfect for my facial bone structure (didn't HAVE any hair last time I looked at my photo) and am I absolutely certain that my father is the person named on my birth certificate?

Love you too!

Cheers, V-rap.
04/09/2002 at 17:16
Hi All
This sounds like the kind of forum I need to join.
Congrats to all of you who are shedding those pounds so regularly.
Hi to Mij and V-Rap (we previously corresponded when I first started training).
My problem:
I run x4 days per week - total average mileage 25-30 kms/wk
Weight training x 2 days per week.
1 rest day.
I eat healthy (only grilled foods with salad & veggies) & seldom drink.
Only eat very, very small amounts of carbs.
Drink 2-2.5 litres of water per day + take supplements.
Weight loss = 0.00 kg in 4 months. Can anyone explain this? Is it the age?? (middle age)
Am presently 9 stone (57kgs), but aspire to be 7.5 stone (48kgs).
Any ideas and suggestions extremely welcome.

"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!"
04/09/2002 at 17:23
Hi Fil
What's the reason for the very small amount of carbs? - that's not the usual runner's diet. Somewhere on Peak Performance site there's a long and persausive article on why runners shouldn't do that, suggesting that it can inhibit weight loss severely.

I haven't got the URL but you can find it using the search facility. In any case I'm sure V-Rap can explain the science.
04/09/2002 at 18:07
Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the encouragement following my posting yesterday, so pleased to see lots of other new people too and will keep reading/posting.

As I mentioned in my last message, I have taken up running partly for health reasons - my blood pressure is a bit on the high side (around 140/91 level for last 9 months or so). I understand that losing weight and doing cardiovascular exercise such as running could assist in bringing it down. Has anyone out there had a similar problem and found that running and losing weight helped?

Any thoughts welcome, in particular V-rap as a health professional, what would you say?
04/09/2002 at 18:21
Tubs, the statistics say that your blood pressure will come down, on average, by 7 from the top number and 4 from the bottom number for each kilogram of weight you lose. So by the time you've lost 3.5 stone, it will be zero. Seriously, although the numbers have to be taken with a big pinch of whatever herbs you are using in place of salt, losing weight will lower your blood pressure, aerobic exercise has an independent protective effect on your heart and blood vessels, and resistance training MAY help. So go for it!
04/09/2002 at 19:44
Oh it's all gone horribly wrong..!! I went to lunch with my friend and was very good and restrained - just had a tuna mayo sandwich & then we went shopping. Then I went food shopping and bought a bar of plain chocolate (reasoning that I could have a couple of squares a day, which would satisfy my very sweet tooth...).. do I need to go on...? You know what's happened don't you..! Somehow, after my very healthy dinner of mackerel & salad, then fresh fruit salad.. I went to take just two squares of the chocolate and before you could say, 'Fat Greedy Pig', the whole bar had disappeared!!! Ho Hum.... back to the drawing board...
Michelle x
PS.. Fil - How tall are you? Cos 7.5 stones is very, very light unless you're a little 'un like me (5'0")
04/09/2002 at 22:52
having stumbled across this site (baaad shoes!)and thought "hmm what have you got to lose?" ("4 stone!" came the stern reply)I took a tour round and have landed here bewildered by what I need - I have micropored, gaffad, vaselined, underpronated , overdrawn, but have still to find a pair of shoes (though I have found a great sportsbra thread- I thank you all!). I live in N york Moors nowhere near even a sweet shop or a bus and had decided to invest in some mail order running shoes - all I have is 2 pages of nike max air thingies - I have a bit of an idea what this means - but will they do til me boat comes in and I can take a trip to traffic lights? please say yes or I'll have to postpone my return to supreme sylphdom for another month !
04/09/2002 at 23:24
I have no idea about your shoe's Sorted but if they feel comfy and you are not suffering any injuries, then I reckon you could get away with them. But ... shoes being the most important part of what you need.. maybe a wee run into the nearest large town with a specialist shop (I have to go 30 odd miles) would benefit you .. I am trapsing yet again into Glasgow on Sat .. socks this time !!
To change the subject totally, after my 1lb weightloss, went to the local Indian, well it is Wed and I'm a creature of habit !! then the pub .. now probably 4lb's gained.
Start again tomorrow ...
07/09/2002 at 20:40
thanks for reply, Daisy - I think i'll just dive in and see what happens! I'm surrounded by boxes of shoes which all looked the same at first. I've narrowed it down purely by how they feel on - curiously, the cheapest and the most expensive :-) seem to feel best...
I'm taking my two boys to a local athletics club tomorrow and will try them out then - I am relying on their ruthlessness in pursuit of my fitness winning over any excuses I can come up with for not just doing it !

By the way, what are shin splints?

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