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04/09/2002 at 00:34
Oooooh, I feel like I'm sort of cheating as it's only just Wednesday but thought I'd start a new thread anyway.

Thankyou Michelle for your congrats. I am dead chuffed with my time seeing as earlier this year, I couldn't run for 10 minutes.

Welcome to all the new recruits - it's a very nice friendly bunch here always full of encouragement and advice.

I'm going to have to go for a run by myself today as all my running pals are otherwise engaged. I haven't actually run by myself for months now - I used to only run by myself. It's weird but I'm actually quite looking forward to it although the miles go so quickly when I'm having a natter with friends and generally it's much easier to stay motivated and get out that door when running with others.

Anyway I'm off to bed - was working late and am soo tired - mini RM will be up at 6am :(
04/09/2002 at 07:48
Weighed today

gained 1 lb. Actually thats a good result given that I only ran 2 by 3 miles last week, I drank far too much, and I had several days eating garage sandwiches and cafe fryups.

My motivation is on a bit of a low - but I've already had a good nagging in begginners so I sitting here in my kit about to take the dog out for a 4 mile walk - where I might just run a bit!
04/09/2002 at 08:17
I'd like to join the Fat Club too. I've been reading the postings, and thinking no, I don't need to join, I don't need the daily reminders etc. BUT I DO !!!

I've been kidding myself that having started running at the beginning of the year, I am now "a runner" and I can therefore eat anything I like. I have lost a stone, but a combination of work, travel and a loss of motivation mean that I have not run nearly as much as I should, I've been drinking too much and not watching my food intake. I still have at least 1.5 stone to lose, and I really need to get running more regularly, back on the water and being careful about what I eat.

So, this is the new me (again!). I've given myself a strict talking to - no more excuses - and I will do it. Today I am on the last day of a 3 day trip to Germany, I have no means of providing my own food, but I promise that I will find the healthiest looking option at lunch and I will not have a pudding. I will drink my 2 litres of water throughout the day. I will eat on the plane home tonight, and will go for a run when I get home. I will also change my meal preferences on BA to low calorie ones for future flights. I am not sure that I can promise to cut out wine, but I will cut out beer so that will help!

I can feel the motivation slowly coming back to me now ....

Have a good day everyone!
04/09/2002 at 08:45
Morning everyone!
I would like to become a memeber of the Fat Club too. I have been reading each day avidly and it has really got me motivated to lose weight. I have a lot to lose but I can't wait to see how my times improve when I am 4 stone lighter.
By the way I worked out my "ideal running weight" from the calculater a couple of days ago and it means I have got to lose 6 stone! can that be right? how do i fit through doors?
I have 2 days to go before I weigh myself after the first week of taking diet seriously.
AmandaP- I have been runnning since April and have been kidding myself I can eat what I like but haven't lost any weight at all!

As a stay at home mum surrounded by chicken nuggets and ice cream, this Forum has really helped me with my motivation.
04/09/2002 at 08:46

Last 2 days have been really good for me both running and eating wise, however after last nights run I came home and had a MASSIVE place of cous-cous and pork with a glass of wine and a choclate dessert (Low fat of course!!)
Back to the Alpen for breakfast and a rest day today, haven't weighed myself in a while but don't think I have put any weight on.
Good luck anyone who is weighing in today.
04/09/2002 at 08:53
Morning all,
Welcome to Soozie & AmandaP. I'm just trying to work out how I can fit in some more runs this week... Did over 8 miles yesterday, and want to get my weekly total to around 20 miles.. but I'm meeting a friend today for lunch(!), got a meeting tomorrow morning, then straight round the parents for Dad's birthday, then I'm going away early on Friday morning for a long weekend with my best friend (more eating & drinking!!). I know, I'll go out now, before any more excuses start creeping in!! Keep up the good work everyone..
Michelle x
04/09/2002 at 08:57
Morning everyone, esp. Amanda and Soozie.

Soozie - I have the same problem with the ideal weight thing. Maybe if I lost the necessary four stone I could qualify for the next Commonwealth Games?;-)

Gemini - surely cous-cous and pork is pretty good post-run food? And a glass of wine is an essential part of any rehydration programme...
04/09/2002 at 09:11
Morning all and welcome to AmandaP and Soozie. Keep up the good work, we're here to motivate and chastise when necessary!

Mij, hi! Glad you got yourself back over here. Don't worry about the 1lb gain, that gorgeous doggie will soon walk it off with you.

Well done for the 8 mile run Michelle. My mileage is hovering around the 20 miles a week mark now. This running thing takes over your life doesn't it?

Good luck to everyone weighing-in today.
04/09/2002 at 09:18
Gosh! Up bright and early this morning, aren't we!

Soozie, Amanda, welcome! Soozie, don't worry about the ideal running weight figures at the moment. Just aim to get down to a weight you know you felt and looked healthy at in the past, and once you're there you can decide whether running is so important to you that you'd be prepared to turn yourself into a skellie to improve your speed. For most of us, it isn't.

Well, if virtue is dependent on getting your diet right (which, of course, it isn't), I'm a Bad Dinosaur. Yesterday I was stressed out of my head and too sore to go and run it out of my system, so ended up demolishing half a dozen wrinkled apples from the corner shop before giving in and accepting that I needed chocolate. Half a 200g bar of Smart Price milk chocolate later, I felt a bit better, but had dinner late as a result, then more chocolate. Not quite sure whether heaviness in pit of stomach today is fibre overload from all these apples or PMT starting a few days early.

And locum just come in and asked me a question so silly that I suspect he's seriously out of touch and I'll have to review the notes of everyone he sees this morning. Aaargh!

Started not too badly today. Breakfast on the run, but it was about right in content and quantity.
04/09/2002 at 09:51

I think this ideal weight thing for runners is a bit dangerous, at 5'9 my ideal weight would be something around 8.5 stone, there is no way I could be healthy at the weight. I say get to a weight YOU feel comfortable with.
04/09/2002 at 10:56
Hello all.

I'd also like to join your club. I'm currently running just under 3 miles 4 times a week, and am hoping to increase that to get a weekly mileage of around 20.

Ran a personal best this morning - 2.8 miles in 26 1/2 mins, so am feeling very smug, but am going out for dinner with work tonight (boss is paying) so will have to be very restrained and behave myself!

I too am a bit worried by that ideal running weight calculation posted earlier. At 5'3 I am supposed to weigh only slightly more than the cat!

RM: Good luck running on your own! I find it hardest to run without the pace-setting, encouragement-giving mr tink.
04/09/2002 at 11:13
Welcome on board Tink! Well, I'm proud of myself! Just got back from a three and a half mile run - and there's me saying I haven't got any time this week! I just thought to myself, 'Michelle, stop whinging love, and just get out there and do it!' That's the beauty of running isn't it... I mean when I go to the gym, I have to set aside about 3-4 hours, packing my bag, driving there, doing the work-out, showering/hairwash, drive home.. it takes too much time! But running... well, just put on the trainers & open the front door & go!! So this week I'm already up to 12 miles total. Now I've just got to be restrained as I'm meeting my friend for lunch...
Michelle x
04/09/2002 at 11:17
Michelle - 12 miles already and it's only Wednesday?? wow! well done!
04/09/2002 at 11:33
Hi Tink. Welcome aboard! I have a daughter called Tinkerbell. She's 4 years old and has gorgeous little chubby legs.

Enjoy your dinner - you'll know you've passed the point of no return as a runner when, instead of worrying that you might overindulge when you go out for dinner, you worry that you might not be given enough to eat or that you'll make yourself into a social outcast by downing the entire bread basket before anyone else's bum has hit their seat, bullying the waiter into putting all the vegetables on to your plate, asking for a side order of chips, and helping yourself to spoonfuls of everyone else's pudding because you get so irritated watching them pushing little pieces of it around their plates and twittering about "Ooh...fattening...aren't I so NAUGHTY, tee-hee-hee". Don't believe me? Just wait!

12 miles already, Michelle, and it's only Wednesday. Brilliant! I've done...er...none so far this week. Will set that to rights tonight.
04/09/2002 at 11:47
V-Rap - hmm, the chubby little legs thing might also be appropriate in this case too! I must admit that I'm already getting irritated with all the calorie counting going on in the office, so have instead restricted myself to just one jacket potato with butter and cheese a week! Everything in moderation and all that!!!
04/09/2002 at 12:08
Morning all ... my mileage this week ... a great big zero. little twinge on my foot after Sunday's 10K which I was going to ignore, then remembered I was laid up 4 weeks last time .. so I'm off down the gym .. to give it some good old sweat like pig, hair dripping workout, while all the glowing lovlies (who DONT sweat)jump out my way ...
I shall weigh myself while there, cant remember if I have been terrribly bad or just bad .. no doubt the scales will soon tell me ...
04/09/2002 at 12:54
Daisy - How do they do it? The non-sweating type? I can't figure it out! When I'm running I go a rather alarming red and am dripping by the end of it - I would like to say it's a healthy glow, but don't think that anyone would believe it! I've come to the conclusion that they are either abnormal or not trying hard enough!
04/09/2002 at 13:10
I can only run at the gym if I can get a treadmill that is NOT opposite a mirror. I scare myself.
I have decided to learn how to use the weights so have booked an induction on Friday. Extra strength to my knees and ankles.
I did my longest run ever on Saturday - 9 miles! it wasn't meant to be that long but we got lost.
Its really sad now the light evenings have gone. I love running on my own in golden sunset knowing the sprogs have been put to bed and i can eat when I get home. I am going to have to change my whole pattern of running to early mornings solo and treadmill. Also I am going to join my local Running Sisters - abit scared but i do need the company (Mr is mountain biker and couldn't run 100mtrs).
ps Tink I snorted so loud with laughter at Cat reference that I made the baby cry.
04/09/2002 at 13:25
Hi Team!
How to loose a couple of pounds in 2 secs!!
Did anyone read the article in RW : Carpet Burn p24 ? It says that if you weigh yourself on a carpet, the scales may fluctuate as opposed to putting the scales on a hard surface. I know this may be splitting hairs but think of the boost if you are actually a couple of ponds lighter!!
I'll be on the scales tonight to see if the theory works....
I thought I would share this with any of you guys are not recording any weight loss and could do with some motivation to keep at it.
Kev H
I wont give in to the Belly..I wont give in to the Belly....
04/09/2002 at 13:25
Soozie, I know what you mean about the mirror. I try to convince myself that this is why I'm doing it - to loose all the wobbly bits, but frankly the red glow of my face is frightening enough without even looking at the wobbly bits below! I think this is why I prefer running on the road... not a mirror in sight!
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