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10/05/2003 at 02:51
Which parts of your friend's behaviour do you wish to emulate?
10/05/2003 at 02:59
Cool Assured Decisive Confident
10/05/2003 at 03:09
Have you thought of modelling your friend?

That is asking him/her what their attitude to people, conversation, meeting new people, all forms of communication are?

Then you have to repeat the beliefs and attitudes in a similar environment.
Say if your friend had those qualities only at work, but then you tried them out in a club, there is a different chance of success. Has to be in the same/similar environment.

Then you have to take on those attitudes and beliefs.

You may remember the table leg anology.
A belief you have is like a table top.
You need legs to support the table top.
The legs are references that allow you to believe you are cool for example.

If you have a belief that is negative, you need to remove the references that support that belief. Find a counter example to get rid of a reference.
Say you believe you are indecisive?
You may then think how decisive you were in your recent house moving process.
I am sure you get the idea.

Is the above of any use to you?
10/05/2003 at 03:21
yes I think so

cheers Sam
10/05/2003 at 03:25
I am going to bed now. Hope the modelling works.

Nite Nite.

I'll see you sometime over the weekend.
Maybe not Sunday as you will be recovering from the social.

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561 to 565 of 565 messages
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