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16/08/2002 at 15:34
Lucky you!! Am stuck in office, what a crime! The only sunny day in leeds and I'm in here!
16/08/2002 at 15:40
Lamb, unless you have a wheat intolerance bread is very, very good for you. So are spuds and all the other grain things, provided they're not slathered with butter or korma or carbonara sauce EVERY time you eat them.

I'm a real carboholic too - I could never do a low-carb diet. Almost anything will do. I'm the person who buys the budget-label white sliced loaves at the supermarket. Cakes and biscuits always seem to look and smell better than they taste, but I've never been disappointed by a little solid multigrain loaf...

I'm off before I start drooling on the keyboard.

Cheers, V-rap.
16/08/2002 at 15:47
oooh yes and sunflower seed bread is just heavenly! I love going to germany, coulf just eat all their different kinds of bread with cheese all day!
16/08/2002 at 16:06
I tried some of that Turkistan bread which has honey in it. Deeeelish!
16/08/2002 at 16:09
Yeah, I know Turkestan, toasted with butter, yum! er, I mean with low fat spread!!
16/08/2002 at 16:10
I'm lucky - I went off butter at a very young age, and hate margarine too. Pity about my cheese problem though.
16/08/2002 at 16:12
I have a cheese problem too though! German rye bread with unsalted butter and Butterkase, crusty french bread with brie, granary and mature cheddar, you name it!!!
16/08/2002 at 17:14
Stop it you lot! I've been good all day and now I'm drooling and leaning towards the breadbin.......
16/08/2002 at 20:53
Reading this makes me think I am quite lucky ... I dont eat chesse, butter, marge, sugar, dressings, salt, I could go on. I could however live on chocolate, curries, pizza's. Oh dear .. but glad to say almost a week without any such treats. Just bread, potatoes, tuna etc. Weigh in day is Tuesday, but tomorrow is a shopping trip to Glasgow, bar lunch, beer .. surely one day won't hurt ?
16/08/2002 at 23:18
Daisy, is that halo uncomfortable or do you get used to wearing one after a while?

I spoke too soon about the stress-induced chocolate eating. I was delayed by a really heavy session with someone whose problems I can't do much about last thing this evening at work (unexpectedly - they came along without an appointment on the pretext of an ill child) and the box of Celebrations I keep for bribing kids and annoying their parents came in for a bit of abuse afterwards. The damage is negligible as I only counted seven wrappers on my desk afterwards, but the alarming thing is that I can't remember eating them.

After a short run and a big plate of tuna and vegetable couscous, I felt virtuous again.

Cheese is one of my favourites too - creamy brie, smelly gorgonzola, mousetrap cheddar, I'm not fussy as long as it doesn't have silly things like apricots and port wine mixed in with it. I'm trying not to overdo it at the moment but a cheese butty FEELS so much more nutritious than a jam butty, whatever the calorie charts might say.

Cheers, V-rap.

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