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07/09/2002 at 13:58
Am I first this weekend ? I'm not normally first at anything ... obviously I am the only one doing nothing all day today .... very deservingly and I am enjoying it :-)
Well being quite good with my food this week, as I can't train, so making an extra effort not to over indulge...did have a snack size Mars Bar this morning...and heading out for my Pasta Party tonight ...(elastic waist I think) .. but doing the 1/2 marathon tomorrow, hopefully that will shift a few lbs. Have a good weekend all ... and a good run if you are racing or training ...
07/09/2002 at 15:40
Hi Daisy. I hope the pasta is good tonight and the race is brilliant tomorrow.

I'm doing a local 5-miler tomorrow, so carbing up enthusiastically today. Dried apricots for mid-morning snack, Honey Nut Shredded Wheat and a tuna sandwich for lunch, something pasta-ish planned for later, and CHOCOLATE! Nice to have an excuse for once.
07/09/2002 at 19:07
Just been out for a run and got heckled by some sad-acts in a car 'you've got a niiicccce ass!' (sarcastically of course!!). That put me off for the rest of the run, which I found really hard going, probably psychological... Still, managed 1hr 26 of of 1hr 50 so not tooooo bad! What is these guys' problem?? What do they get out of making women feel bad about themselves?? Oh well, time for a kitkat chunky (snack-size of course!!)

BTW, weighed myelf today and was almost 12 stone, I rejoiced until was told scales are 1/2 stone too flattering!! Was nice while the illusion lasted!
07/09/2002 at 20:19
Dear Lamb,
I am sorry to hear about your experience. It is never nice to get that kind of attention. Small brained tossers. I hope they have a terrible evening. I know what you mean about it affect your performance but you know you are the better person for being out there and nobody can make you feel small. Please don't give into the Kitkat frenzy - it is exactly what I do when I have had a knock back and it doesn't make it better.
Not preaching as I am in awe of you for running so far and long and nearly getting to 12st which I would love to be.
I am on my way though - i lost my first 2lbs yesterday. I have a way to go but very determined.
I get alot of heckling as I do wobble alot but I just smile and wave. Nobody is going to stop me!!!! Hahahahah manic laughter.
07/09/2002 at 22:18
Lamb, these guys' problem is that they have very small brains and very, very, very small penises. And they feel threatened when they see a woman who is clearly in control of her life. You should feel pleased that they only dare try to communicate with you when they're safely enclosed in a moving metal carapace. Wouldn't it be just awful if the likes of them thought there was a chance you would fall for their chat-up lines in the pub?

Are KitKat Chunky nicer than normal KitKats? My children love them, husband says he prefers the chocolate-to-crunch ratio of the old style KitKats, and I haven't got round to trying them yet - I prefer chocolate that's just chocolate. But always open to conversion!
07/09/2002 at 23:47

I have Revels and thus all is right with the world.
Dragging my lazy butt out of bed tomorrow for a 5K training run as I've had a hangover all today so have avoided most streunous activity.
My pennys worth is that the old style kit-kats with the silver wrappers were the nicest.
Not watching what I eat this weekend, can't be bothered and everyone needs time off from being healthy occasioanlly :)
08/09/2002 at 09:15
Sorry EP, KK chunky beats the pants off the normal KK every time. V-rap, you've got to try one (they are currently #1 on my (long) list of tasty choccy).

08/09/2002 at 10:30
Not sure I belong inhere anymore... what with the rate of knots that my "fat" seems to be disappearing. Down to 12st 4 whilst in hospital (and that's with the pending period of doom). Mr Cath did his bit to remedy the situation and duly ordered pizza and take away chinese for tea last night. I being the polite thing that I am couldn't refuse. You will be glad to hear we're off to Sainsbury's today to get lots of fruit and veg.

V-rap even I, the non-eating chocolate one, have had the chunky KitKats and find them far superior to their predecessors.

You'll all be glad to know that I'm upping the ante a bit today on the exercise front and am going to take the dog out for his first walk since I got home. Obviously I'll go with the mr too - but it should be fun because the bundle of fluff never behaves well when his mate, the mr comes along. It must be some pecking order thing.
08/09/2002 at 10:34

I haven't been heckled yet, I feel left out.
However I am working on my response, something to do with the only exercise they ever get is with their own hand. (ok its a work in progress)
08/09/2002 at 12:57
Had a mini heckle myself this morning, kids at a petrol station filling their bike tyres with the air thingy. I ignored them, willed them to have a hideous accident involving compressed air (don't they read the warnings?) and then came up with a shedload of responses to them. When I was in the shower.

ps. my vote's with the chunky kitkat, a regular downfall for me. I've never entirely come to terms with the chunky time out though
08/09/2002 at 17:38
Well done all round, Pixie! Go for that 10K. You can do it.

And, yes, vegetables and pasta are a million times better than Slimfast. If you cook them without more than a teaspoonful of fat, you can have the most enormous platefuls too.

Tried a mini Chunky KitKat after my race today. I thought the chocolate tasted greasy and nasty, and that's with TOTM imminent so it must really be bad. I didn't even know Chunky Time-Out existed. Must start getting out more.
08/09/2002 at 18:32
Up all sat night on call(so had chips between patients),then 10k, so now feel entitled to a HUGE gin!! Have I got any crisps I wonder.Is noone else on this website addicted to them?
I find Chunky KitKats too hard to eat surreptitiously. You can sneak fingres out of the old version without anyonre noticing, so its ok ,right?
Pixie youll love the 10K Most blokes at my work couldnt even dream about it
08/09/2002 at 18:46
You poor thing, benz. What do you do? I can well remember long nights on call in hospital when I tried to pretend that chocolate (or toast and jam) was an adequate substiture for sleep. It never was.

Crisps, now - odd that they get mentioned so rarely on the Fat Club threads. I eat them sometimes when I'm not training, but find them quite unpleasant to eat when I'm doing a lot of miles a week. Not sure whether it's the saltiness or the oily texture that does it. Spuds in other forms, poppadums and tortilla chips (as long as they're not coated in orange powder) slip down quite nicely.
08/09/2002 at 18:58
Im a hozzie doctor doing renal and general medicine.
New doctors on last night,spose they cant help calling you
The best bit was trying topersuace my consulant to come in early for a post take ward round, we were both doing the 10k
I started at 7.30 and he managed to come in for 20 mins
I assume he finished the race
Had to go to bed for 2 hours though,12 years of this is taking its toll
Or was that the marathon
havent had my crisps yet but the gin is lovely!!
Cant we call this forum the FOOD club, my other hobby is cooking(well it would be)
See you at GNR
08/09/2002 at 19:19
Benz, it would be worth tootling over to Mikey's beta-blocker thread on the Beginners forum if you haven't already visited it - there's a fantastic fellow on there called Robokidney who sounds just your type!

12 years as a hospital doctor...well done! That's a marathon in itself. I didn't hack it for that long and dropped out into the relatively civilised world of "Dear colleague, please see and do needful" after about six years.

How was the 10K? You slipped that in so discreetly between the chips and the gin that I missed it.
08/09/2002 at 19:26
Thanks vrap
Horrible consultant jobs next, I think ill be crap cos i still do all the house Officer stuff
Like the patient, bad mistake
EEK sentimental after only one gin?? Like this running lark, might save some money
Would be FAR too scared to be a GP, I always think of renal as a GP in hospital
You wouldnt believe whwt were asked to do
10K was FAB, especially seeing the little kids finish 2k in the Millenium Stadium
Desoite last weeks marathon i managed a pb by 16 secs(ok 1 hour,7 mins and 41 secs) You can see im not speedy gonzales
08/09/2002 at 20:06
No pixie, I meant REAL food. I love cooking
Sorry, perhaps this should be another thread.
Doctors are people too.
, AND this ones fat
08/09/2002 at 20:21
How about---delias enchiladas, made wit tomato salsa, creme fraiche , wensleydale and cheddar cheese, chilli
Feel a run coming on
Thats tomorrows menu,avec green salad(with my own dresssing)

of course
09/09/2002 at 11:13
Benz, sounds dee-lishus (Or Delia-lishus)! I like cooking too, but am rather constrained by time and by the fact that most of my catering is for kids who are sniffy about stuff in sauce (No. 3 memorably came home from school one day and told me that they'd had "curry and worms" for dinner - so I asked her older brother and he said "we had GORGEOUS spaghetti bolognaise". Halcyon days, when they were all at the same school).

Planned a sort of smoked mackerel kedgeree (recipe: Raptor's own) for tonight, but I'm going to defrost some tortillas for tomorrow. Bet you make your own!

Cheers, V-rap (runner first and doctor last when I'm on these forums).
09/09/2002 at 19:13
Pixie,can i tempt you with pasta and home made roasted tomato sauce (gotta do something with the glut)
God, that one might even be low fat
vrap, do your kids actually eat fish?
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