Femeroacetabular Impingement

Am I the first?

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22/03/2013 at 22:58

Hi all, Iv been hovering round this board for a while but not posted, I seen my ortho surgeon on 14th March and accepted his proposal for arthroscopic labral repair, shaving of the bone and possible microfracture on my right hip.

I am absolutely dreading it.

 At the moment, as i have not done more than work & day to day chores since October my hip pain is managable but when it flairs up, usually if i do too much I get "pay back pain" and am couchbound until the inflamation subsides . I can 'do' pain quite well but I dont cope very well with being restricted!!

Anyway what im mainly asking is how long from decision to go ahead with surgery, until the operation you guys waited? And also how long you were kept in hospital for?

Im on my feet alot at work with a lot of Moving & Handling and in & out cars, im assuming this will mean i may not be back to work as quickly as some of you guys?

Sorry that was loads of questions but i dont really know what to expect!

Thanks in advance x

23/03/2013 at 13:48

Hi Triple07.

I had to wait 8 weeks from when the consultant said he would do the operation to having  it done. It was initially 12 weeks but then they brought it forward for some reason.

I would say 6 weeks minimum off work if you have a move around job

I found I scared myself quite a bit by reading other forums before I found this one .  I have read all the posts on this forum that everybody has sent since it started a few years ago probably twice and I find it very useful as it give you a good understanding about what to expect.

Of what I have read and have been told by the consultant the operation does eventually get rid of the daily pain which for me is the main priority as I was constantly and still am thinking about it and it kind of takes over your life a bit. Swimming and cycling also seem permitted for the long term if running is no longer an option which again I think is a positive. 

Hi Parklife, thanks for the reply and advice again. I have just got back from more Hydrotherapy and it definitely helps with the stiffness and ache. Would you say that your are now almost pain/ache free ? You are definitely correct about 1 day forward 2 back. Its like the Big Dipper. I see the game over your way has been cancelled again. Watch you don't slip on the ice if your having a few this evening.

24/03/2013 at 14:42

Thanks Moozer,

At the moment my daily ache/pain is controlled by pain killers but think thats probably why i end up doing too much as I dont get the early warning pain to slow me down. My Range of movement is pretty poor so even if that improves it will be a bonus.

I asked the surgeon if he thought I would get back to running post op but he didnt give me a very encouraging answer so perhaps i am going to have to get a bike!

I think running is something that unless you are a runner you just dont "get". The feedom of just being able to just put on your running shoes & music & go out & clear ur head and get the endorphins buzzing.

Nevermind by the time I get up to the top of the waiting list I should at least get some nice weather to laze about in.... evry cloud & all that!

24/03/2013 at 21:47

Hello Triple - your symptoms and lifestyle restriction sound familiar to what I had and probably to what most on here went through. For me, basically it was manageable until I tried to run. It was manageable but restrictive.

Even with not running the bone will be slowly scuffing away at your cartilage and surrounding material which isn't good for the long term or the shorter term prospects for return to activity. Basically the sooner you have the op the less damage is done the better the long term prognosis. But its a pisser of an injury with plenty of dips in mood along the way so you're right to mentally prepare yourself but I also think you are probably right to fire on with the op, though as moozer says its a rollercoaster.

One piece of advice, start now with 'prehab'. The stronger your core pre-op, eg transversus abdominus, glutes etc the better your recovery will be. You could do a lot of strengthening and stabilizing to the core in even 4-6 weeks. I use a fair bit of pilates techniques.

I had the luxury of being able to go private but it was more because I reckoned that the NHS here in NI is slow off the mark with new procedures and I could see the process going on for 2 years so I had to take matters into my own hands.

biking and swimming seem to be the way forward for long term hip preservation needs. With hopefully a little running for me, maybe a fortnightly parkrun.

Trying to look at things positively, I am a hell of a lot more rounded now for being through this, and knowledgeable. I didn't know anything about core, nothing about pilates, I know a lot more about general physio principles, I have rekindled my love of cycling something I hadn't done in 10 years and have vague plans to cycle from stranraer to Edinburgh in the future, I have also vague ideas to vastly improve my swimming and maybe attempt a triathlon instead of marathon in the future there is no way i'd ever even contemplate this in the past it was just balls out run run run, clueless, really.


Cheers Moozer - I was supposed to go to that game but we're a bit behind the times over here with undersoil heating and the like. Russians weren't impressed with 20 blokes with shovels they said it was like stepping behind the iron curtain! I'm near enough pain free except when I do a certain 2 or 3 rehab exercises for the glutes which seem to irritate it for a while so i'm not out of the woods yet. Just can't rid myself of this bloody limp but am at least building up resistance on an exercise bike for that endorphin hit. The good thing is that post op the area tight into the groin which was most sore has really settled.

30/03/2013 at 09:21

Quick Update from me at 4.5 weeks post op. 

I came of the crutches last Tuesday as that was the 4 week point and returned to my desk job. I seem to be walking okay with no pain. However the  dull ache returns when I rest. I really hope it is just a healing pain. I had my Labral repaired with anchors and I watched a video on you tube, they drill the anchors in to the bone, so I would imagine that it probably will be achy for a quite a while. However I still cant help thinking that I have done something to it. I have had 4 Hydro sessions and last week the physio had me hopping on the leg on to a step in the pool, cant help thinking that at 4 weeks that is bit  much and may have damaged something. I have my first dry land physio appointment next Wednesday then my 6 week follow up with the surgeon the week after.

Parklife it is brilliant that you are mainly pain free. Which exercises irritate it ?

Any advice as always welcome from anybody.


03/04/2013 at 15:52

Love running, you mentioned you chose mid Yorkshire Hospitals as they have a very good physiotherapy unit - which hospital in particular did you attend?


Just starting to think where I should choose the therapy. Going in for op on 22nd Aptil.

Hope everyone is recovering well!

08/04/2013 at 21:52
Hi Rebecca, I asked to be referred to Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield & the physio has been brilliant. They have a hydrotherapy pool and a gym and a good understanding of FAI in the rehab department.

Good luck for the 22nd, any questions just ask

Got my follow up appointment with Mr Conroy tomorrow, 8 weeks and feeling great!!
09/04/2013 at 10:55

Good luck with the follow up. Wakefield is possibly a little to far to get to, but ill take a look.


How are you feeling now, still in pain...Did you come out the same day after your op? Got to go in for 7.30 - no idea when they plan on doing the operation though.


Hope Mr Conroy has positive feedback for you!!

10/04/2013 at 11:13

Wierdly the last two days I have been having really bad stabbing pains in front and back of thigh, not been this bad for months, not sure why it suddenly started badly again....maybe it know the op is looking


Moozer, how are you recovering? How is it back at work? I am hoping to start work after 2weeks (working from home though) do you think that is realistic...

11/04/2013 at 17:22

Hi Rebecca/ everyone. I had my 6 week follow up with the consultant today who seemed happy with me. Since I came of my crutches 2 weeks ago I have had quite a heavy ache in the hip area it has started to get better though in the last few days, anyway the consultant said that its perfectly normal as its the muscle tissues that are still healing and the fact that I am walking again is the reason why I have the ache. I have been using a foam roller and that seems to help. I started swimming again this week which is also fine. Rebecca I would say that working from home is very realistic after the operation as loverunning said any questions just ask. 

Loverunning its great that you are feeling great. Hope everyone else is recovering well. Pls keep posting. 


11/04/2013 at 19:18

Moozer - glad you got to go swimming, must be a relief to get moving.

Planning on taking 2 weeks of work to get to grips with things as with work I would need to be sat down all day.

Did you manage to get around on your crutches ok?? hoping I can drive as soon as after - although having left hip done

Did you all find you were in and out of hospital the same day or did you have to stay in?

I expect ill find out more when have pre-op next week.

Hope everyone healing well!

12/04/2013 at 10:29

Using the crutches was okay with me. I stayed in hospital for 1 night and I think that is normal.

14/04/2013 at 01:19
Hi Rebecca, Mr Conroy does a morning list and afternoon list so if you have been asked to go in for 07.30 you will be on the morning list. If you are 1st on the list, great, but if not you could be sat waiting until at least midday so make sure you take a good book! Also, keep well hydrated the week before your op and have a good filling meal the night before as you will have to fast from midnight. If you don't end up having your surgery until midday you will be hungry otherwise!

My follow up on Tuesday was a little pointless really. Didn't get to see Mr Conroy and didn't really get much info about what they actually did! Anyway, I'm getting on with things. My left hip (the one I had done in February) is definitely improving. However, my right hip (the one I had done 9 months ago) is I think getting worse not better. The doc I saw suggested that this is probably due to the level of arthritis and I have another appointment in August where they will x-ray both hips.

I've been back at work 2 weeks & started a new job and last week had to go to London which meant a lot of walking and standing and my hips really suffered bank to taking daily naproxen and tramadol at night to lessen the pain. Finding it hard to fit in my daily PT but am trying to get to the gym 3 times a week for bike, PT and a swim.

My hip pain is there every day but I am learning to live with it. Would love to be completely pain free, be able to go for a run, not have to think about getting from A-B in the shortest route possible and be able to put on a pair of tights again without such a struggle!!! Anyway, will wait and see what my x-rays show in August.

How's everyone else?
14/04/2013 at 14:56

Hey Loverunning...poor you, travelling around London is never the best, especially with a painful hip...hope all sorting its self out. I keep getting these stabbing pains and goes down to make the whole leg hurt.


Did you just have to wait until you were in hospital to find out which 'list' you were on...just wandering whether will have to stay in overnight or not.

Starting to sort things out at home so can be as easy as possible, despite moving house and like you staring a new job..happy days hey!!!


Hope everyone is doing well and getting on the mend!


15/04/2013 at 17:30
If they've asked you to come in at 07.30 then you will be on the morning list, they don't normally tell you until you arrive where you are on that list. Either way Mr Conroy keeps all his patients in overnight. The silver lining of bring on the morning list is that you get longer time to recover. The following morning you will be visited by the Physios and they will get you out of bed on crutches - once you can master stairs they will let you go home. On both occasions I had my surgery on the morning list and the following day went home late afternoon/ tea time (kept passing out as had low BP).

Good luck with the moving house/starting a new job - unfortunately we can't put our lives on hold whilst we get our hips sorted
16/04/2013 at 08:52

thanks loverunning, good to know. Have pre-op this evening so sure will find out more then.


How are you getting on, any better?

Hope everyone is well!!

17/04/2013 at 17:47

Hello, I am now 7 weeks post op.

I have hardly no discomfort/pain in my operated hip at all. I swim 3 times a week and walk up 3 flights of stairs to my office everyday. I feel my hip is getting stronger everyday. The hardest part of this so far was when I came off the crutches at 4 weeks and started to put weight on the joint as it caused a heavy ache after doing anything and caused me to worry that something was wrong. Thankfully that has now almost gone.  However..... The other hip which has a cam impingement has flared up and I am certain it has a labral tear as well, the pain is different though its more in my lower back/pelvis at the side of the sacroiliac joint so will more than likely get that fixed before the end of the year.  

Rebecca I hope your operation goes well next week it sounds like the shooting pain you have been getting is a symptom of a labral tear I had them and the consultant told me it could be caused by the tear getting trapped in the joint on certain movements.

Loverunning, have you thought about having a cortisone shot to ease the discomort ?


18/04/2013 at 14:16

Hey Moozer

Great to hear you are getting back to normal way of life, as in swimming and walking. Really wierd my pain kicked in this last few weeks. Going in on Monday and have to stay in, just be good to get in there any see what they do

Did you spend the first week at home or did you manage to get out and about on your curtches.

Looking forward to the challenge...a little...eek,


Hope everyone else getting on well!!

18/04/2013 at 17:10

Rebecca,  I stayed indoors for the first 2 weeks. I suppose it all depends on what they find and do when they put the camera in.

19/04/2013 at 21:23

Hi again

Still (im)patiently waiting for a date fror surgery. List is apparently 12 weeks, so 5 down, 7 to go

Got a wedding 2moro and know i'll be crippled for days if im on my feet too long, might just have to have a bop in a chair instead!

Cant help but feel jealous at all the London Marathon hype just now too.


Hope your pre-op went well Rebecca and I look forward to hearing how ur op goes & what the find/do.

Moozer- you have given a bit of optimisim to all this now, shame about the other hip tho.

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