Femeroacetabular Impingement

Am I the first?

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22/04/2013 at 00:14
Good luck with the surgery tomorrow Rebecca, keep us posted on your progress

I'm 10 weeks post op and have just had a weekend in London for the marathon (spectating not participating!) been on my feet all weekend, walked miles and up and down stairs at tube stations. Sore hips and still need to take naproxen but I did it without any walking aids. Was great to be part of the marathon if only to support others & my old club - felt a bit sad though that I came so close to doing a marathon before my hips stopped me in my tracks & that I never got the chance
24/04/2013 at 17:13


Hope you are all well. I had op on Monday morning, they gave me hip block but think it went wrong as had to give me loads of morphine and tramadol in recovery and ended up with dead leg from knee down. So I couldnt get out of bed until Tuesday. Saw Mr Conoly who was pleased they shave a bit of bone and re-attached some torn cartilage.

Now just mustering the crutches, stairs are the worst and currently pain in groin when walking, and where the brusing is, but otherwise ok. Hope to be able to drive in two weeks, as least Mr Conoy suggested I might be able to. Hope to hear soon about physio.

Everyone else getting on ok? 

Loverunning, bet it was great to be part of the London atmosphere and an acheivement in yourself to get around London all day, well done. 

Hoping to boredom doesn't get too much, bit tired today but not as bad as I thought I might be. Chin up all


28/04/2013 at 21:37

Hello all good to read all your updates Moozer you seem to be going in the right direction good on ya!

As for me, now 4 and-a-half months post op , well I don't want to sound too pessimistic but I have the feeling of my recovery just stagnating.

Have a slight limp that comes and goes, I think the limp is generally a little bit better. My physio talks about 'muscle memory' and the muscles just being so used to performing in a certain way.

I have ongoing low level pain, especially down inside of my thigh which I guess is referred hip pain. Sometimes round the front of my thigh.

My rehab exercises seem to irritate and aggravate the discomfort. Ive knocked exercise bike on the head seemed to be tightening the muscle at the top of the thigh making the limp worse. Went for a 10 min cycle and 10 min back to my local parkrun yesterday just to spectate. This wee cycle seemed to irritate the hip and seeing how the parkrun has completely thrived in my now near 2 year absence got me down and was fed up all day till I saw the nieces in the evening. Now I remember why Ive avoided parkrun like the plague...

Starting taking ibuprofen again to try and calm the flare ups.

I can function decently well just can't do anything energetic really - have now started to learn to swim properly which is good, time will tell if this annoys the hip or not.

I remember the surgeon saying 85% chance of being better off, 10% chance of being the same and 5% chance of worse off. Hopefully Im wrong but cant help wondering if Ill be stuck in the 15%.

Anyways, good luck to all!


29/04/2013 at 18:16

Hi Parklife when i had my follow up 3 weeks ago the surgeon told me its normal to feel a bit of discomfort for up 6 - 9months afterwards as its all part of the healing process.

Have you used a foam roller for your abductors, glutes hip flexor quads. ?

29/04/2013 at 21:29

Hello everyone.  Sorry I've neglected posting on here for a while.  I was following your posts and thinking of those who were having operations.  There was nothing really new that I could post - not much running, hips niggly, busy at work etc. Had the injection in my left side a couple of months ago and it didn't really make any difference.  Saw the surgeon for my 6 month post-op on my right side and he wants to do another MRI with dye and block injections, due to the ongoing pain in certain positions. So it's a bit more waiting for me.  

Having said that, I've had a couple of weeks of being able to run surprisingly pretty pain-free - I even managed a parkrun at the weekend.  Think part of it might be that I've had more time to do core work, especially for the glutes, and I've been treating myself to sports massages and an osteopath treatment.  I'm still stiff afterwards, but don't have the same sharpness and limpiness post-run that I had in January.

Sorry to hear that your update isn't more positive, parklife.  I have a similar thing on the inside of my left thigh, which is agony when massaged.  Strangely, I don't have it on my right side, although that is painful when massaged on the outer side.  I know what you mean about watching parkrun, which is why Saturday's run meant so much to me.  I really hope things start to ease for you in the next couple of months - it's still relatively early days in your recovery, as Moozer said.

When I bought my 'Grid' foam roller a year ago, I thought it would be one of those things that gets used for a week, then stuck in the back of the cupboard. I actually use it every day.

How's everyone else's recovery? Rebecca? Moozer?   Hope you've recovered from your trek to the marathon, loverunning.

02/05/2013 at 11:51

hi pipes, doing well I think, 1.5 weeks post opand been able to get around at home without crutches, always take them with me if going outs can't walk properly yet.

not in hardly any pain if I'm careful, can't lift left properly and burning has come out a treat.hada few twinges yesterday whitch worried me slightly, same as before op, is is normal?

hope to get to do short drives next week! Glad sun out as otherwise think I'd go stir crazy. Hope everyone doing well!


04/05/2013 at 21:29

Rebecca I hope your recovery is going well, twinges  aches/pain are very normal at this stage.

I am still doing okay have not done any physio or swimming for the past week due to the pain on the other side, I am starting to think that it may be a piriformis muscle issue rather than a tear/impingement as it only hurts when I sit down for a length of time and then eases when I stretch the piriformis muscle and I think this may be caused by the glute on the side I had operated on  not working causing the other side to hurt ?? The reason I think that it is not FAI/Labral tear is that I have no pain in my groin at all ??  Any feedback is welcome.. My operated side is fine hardly any discomfort apart from an ache at the end of the day if I have been on my feet quite a lot.. Anyway I am off for a week in the sun tomorrow which hopefully will help a bit as well. 

06/05/2013 at 22:57

Hi all Moozer I have a foam roller and will incorporate a little bit of that into my rehab exercises cheers.

Well I calmed down a bit, mentally and physically since my last post. Had 2 days last week where virtually no pain and virtually no limp. But I'm getting wise to not to get too elated and a bit of discomfort came back nothing major and overall I think I'm a little bit further on than a fortnight ago.

That said Ive avoided any cycling and swimming.

Read a couple of online blogs who were back doing a bit of running by about week 14!! Im at approx. week 18 and wouldn't even think of trying a run at mo.

Its not so much the hip area more referred pain/discomfort down the thigh.

I continue my rehab exercises

Good to hear from you Pipes!! Well done on the parkrun. Funny how you are running even though you have a bit of pain - is this wise? I would think I wont be trying any light running until totally pain free but am open to persuasion!

It was the Belfast marathon today, I cheered on the top runners as they ran down the end of my road, and I didn't feel bitter. A little poignant, not bitter. Makes we want more than ever to have one last crack at a marathon though not sure this is wise and I really should be happy with parkrun!

Nice to have the better weather in. Good evening all.


07/05/2013 at 21:06

Rebecca - I think those twinges are normal as things take a while to settle - I still get them from time to time, although I always worry that the labrum has torn again.  Hope you've managed to get out and about, and possibly even a bit of driving.

Moozer - hope you're enjoying your week in the sun.  Have you had the other side checked for FAI/ tear yet? It's probably just muscle compensation/ weakness, as you say...but it's not impossible that you have similar issues on the other side.  A number of us on here have had both hips done.  Hope the symptoms disappear with ongoing stretching/ massage.

Parklife - not sure if it's wise or not but hip feels better than it has done recently with the increased exercise/ running.  It's not sore at all when I run (except for nagging aches after about 5.5 miles, on the rare occasions I go out that far).  Plus, I'm really enjoying the feeling of getting out of breath again.  I ran for my club in the county relays on Sunday, which gave me the euphoric feeling that I've missed for the past 2.5 years.

Like you, I went to spectate at a marathon on Monday. Mine was in Milton Keynes. I didn't feel bitter; like you, I started thinking about the possibility (in a few years) of doing that race.  I really hope your couple of days without limp/ discomfort is a sign that things are slowly getting to a point where you can consider some sort of running again.

08/05/2013 at 21:28

Hope you did well Pipes. I was there too but just chugging round. 

Interestingly this says that Mo Farah has a small labral tear. If that's true (it is a newspaper, so it might not be) then we are in very fast company!

08/05/2013 at 22:39

Hi Fido2Dogs - I saw you in the pictures from the relay - feet off the ground! Are you having any trouble with your hip these days? 

Interesting to read about Mo - thanks for posting it. Hope it doesn't start to affect him as much as it does the rest of us on here (although he doesn't seem to have the impingement bit as well).

09/05/2013 at 00:49

Just a wee bit of Advise if you would all be so kind....

still awaiting surgery date but should be in another 4/5 weeks so as advised, starting "Prehab".... Question is simple.... Cross trainer yay or nay? Thanks

11/05/2013 at 21:19

That's brilliant pipes I'm sure it must be amazing being back running for your club again - the return of the forgotten woman!!

Just one thing you say you might consider a marathon in a few years time- why this timescale and why not consider one for say next year, are you concentrating on shorter distance out of caution.

Yup thanks for the post about Mo, I was of the belief that a labral tear was more likely to occur with bone impingement wonder if we will be hearing of him going foran op at some point. Also all the groin pain etc is bound to slow him down to some degree.

Triple Ive never used a cross trainer, I stuck to exercise bike and as you probably know plenty of core pilates and glute strengthening

12/05/2013 at 09:03

Hi Triple 07 I got told that cross trainer and exercise bike where fine pre op, check this website its got all the pre op exercises on it. dynamicsportspt.com/files/2012/05/hip.pdf

Pipes that is brilliant that you are running again pain free.

I do have the impingement on the other side and it is a lot more prominent as they did the CT Scan on both hips. Anyway before my weeks holiday I emailed the surgeons secretary regarding the pain on the other side as he asked me to if it got worse. I have had a response offering me the surgery at the end of this month. GULP/ Pleased

 As I have said before on here the pain is more in the buttock and around the hip rather than the ache in the groin that my first one was. I have read a lot about FAI and the symptoms can be in the buttock when sat and around the hip. I think you had similar symptoms Pipes ?  More importantly there is a big bump which has showed on the CT Scan so better to get that removed. As for my hip that I had done 10 weeks ago that is absolutely fine. So I feel that I am in very safe hands with my surgeon.

Parklife I hope you thigh pain is getting better, it sounds like more a muscle issue rather than hip joint.

15/05/2013 at 20:20

Mooozer you are going for the jugularwith a second op planned! Good luck, how long are you post op now?

Had a good physio session tonight, she's generally pleased, I was able to do 5 squats in a row without any pain which she thinks is a good test for recovery from labral.

She gave me a right going over and noticed a kind of 'thickening' or irration of a muscle at the top of the thigh next to the crotch, and spend a while massaging and ultrasounding it. Felt like she was hitting the epicentre of my lingering discomfort. Has reemphasized need for ongoing core and glute work especially clams to strengthen other muscles and take the strain off this one. Now 5 months post op.

Greetings to all


16/05/2013 at 22:44

Hello and how is everyone doing?

How are you Rebecca after your op? 

I'm 14 weeks post op on my left and feeling good. Swam with my local Triathlon club last night at one of their indoor training sessions and cycled my old 10K hilly run tonight. Wouldn't say my hips are back to normal or that I'm pain free but it's managable pain and I'm slowly getting back into some form of fitness. 


20/05/2013 at 16:52

Hi, Im aware that good forum manners recommends reading if your answers are within the forum and than asking questions, but this matter is so important that I feel lost in translation some times (Im Brazilian and couldn't found any substantial hel in portuguese). So:

Two years after I fell in love with running I got all the symptons of sports hernia or pubalgy. And, after going to the doctor I got treated for that.  65 sessions of physical therapy and it got a lot better, but, still unable to run.

So, a went to this doctor who supposed to be a great one for professional athletes and he recommended me the fai arthroscopy.

Now its 13 days after surgery it seems like a very well succeed procedure, I can go on a stationary bike without any pain and be without any real pain.

The problem I'm having is that the groinch pain (sorta iching/tingling) are really not going awar or diminishing. Is this Normal? For those who had this groin pain associated with fai inpingemente: Who long this sensation tends to stay? I mean, will I probably have to do another 65 sessions of physical therapy?

Thanks everyone, and sorry for any language issues.






20/05/2013 at 21:05

Joao, you sound like you are doing well at just 13 days post operation.

You will have to expect some sort of groin pain for up to 4 months i'm afraid, possibly longer. It will get better as you go along but also expect setbacks.

Seeing a good physiotherapist who knows about FAI and core stability and glute strength issues will be very important in your recovery.

Doing good rehabilitation exercises, but aslo not overdoing it is very important and your physiotherapist should guide you.

I am 5 months post op, still getting some groin pain, but I think it is slowly getting better, and I continue to do my exercises.

Good luck, and welcome to the club!!


21/05/2013 at 18:44

Hi All,

Parklife I am now 12 weeks post op, Just had the date through for my other hip, it is in 5 weeks time which I am pleased about as it gives me time to build up lots of strength. Then that's me hopefully back on the straight and narrow. Having loads of pain with the unoperated side so its a no brainer to get it looked at.and it has a bigger bump on it. As for my recently operated side its still going well. I swim a mile every day and walk 2 miles a day. My hip flexors are a little sore if I am sat for a long time.

I think the swimming has been a massive help for me. 

Has anybody used a wobble board for Glute strength I have just ordered one ?

Joao it is normal to have groin pain after the operation as parklife said.

23/05/2013 at 23:23

Eugh, heard about a "date" for my hip op- or rather heard about no date... Healthboard will not manage to do it within waiting list targets (dont know what I was expecting it is the NHS!) so have offered to put me down to another Hospital (about 200miles away) and pick a date in July or wait for my local hospital & surgeon i know but will certainly be 3month+

Having a bit of a dilema on what to do, Scared to wait incase i do further damage & dont think my stomach lining can take many more months on all these analgesics! but would like to have had op local as dont fancy the car journey home after or travel to all the follow ups....


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