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26/12/2002 at 23:18
BGA, I hope you get the outcome you need
26/12/2002 at 23:21
Three consecutive threads
First sign of madness
maybe ill relog on as someone else:)
26/12/2002 at 23:21
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(insane laff)

26/12/2002 at 23:23
Ooh hello
26/12/2002 at 23:24
nice name benz:)

why snake? :o
26/12/2002 at 23:25
As in Mad as a-----
And me chinese birth sign
26/12/2002 at 23:26
thanks benz, and I know it sounds w*nky and easy to say, but her happiness is more important than mine, and the outcome I need is for her to be happy
26/12/2002 at 23:27
Al, its NOT wanky
But what about you
Dont let that resentment bottle up, you know it gets you i the end
26/12/2002 at 23:32
al, i usually think the same. careful the outcome doesn't totally screw you up tho.
26/12/2002 at 23:33
Agred Psi
Look after yourself too Al, noone else will
26/12/2002 at 23:38
Hmmmmm, v quiet
Need to go soon, work tomorrow
good luck BGA, nite Psi
26/12/2002 at 23:39
ok then benz. later:)
26/12/2002 at 23:39
Bye psi xx
26/12/2002 at 23:45
nite peeps !
on call myself tomorrow - sh*te!
27/12/2002 at 01:04

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161 to 175 of 175 messages
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