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26/12/2002 at 02:01
heh heh! ;)
26/12/2002 at 02:16
Not that much, actually
making up today
26/12/2002 at 09:33
Good Morning!
All still in bed,then?

Who's running today?
26/12/2002 at 10:40
I am
Just got up though
26/12/2002 at 11:28
Happy boxing day
just going to cook my nut roast b4 i go to the folks for chrimbo dinner and tea and also visiting dads mum in nursing home

wont be around till much later

everybody have a good day whatever youre doing!

its pishing down here btw!
26/12/2002 at 11:40
Sodding cold is ruining my FLM training :-(

Could run but don't want to prolong it and mess up my long Sunday run.
26/12/2002 at 12:40
Just had bacon and tomatoes on toast
26/12/2002 at 12:44
Very healthy Benz - like someone withdrawing from drugs it's a case of cold turkey for the next few days for me! Not that that's unhealthy, but the remainder of the Crimbo pud and brandy butter is :-)

Drinking looks to have fallen into a running training pattern - one day hard drinking and then one day for recovery!

24th - friend's birthday - hard drinking!
25th - crimbo - long slow drinking - recovery
26th - see friends - fartlek drinking!
27th - rest day
28th - birthday - hard drinking (the drinking equivalent of a hill session?)
29th and 30th - rest days??
31st - New year's Eve - Party!!

Right - big health kick in the New Year!
26/12/2002 at 12:50
tee hee iain
26/12/2002 at 14:07
Iain - I'm going to try the fartlek drinking!

Just back from 30 mins round a French seaside town. Started on the beach heading in to the wind and it was a major resistance workouT so ducked back round the town for some shelter.

Come on you Gooners!
26/12/2002 at 14:24
Congratulations, Pixie! Wallow in self-joy and chocolate and have a mince pie if there are any left.
26/12/2002 at 14:30
BTW, Pixie, how was the trip to the land of the Norse?
26/12/2002 at 14:53
I did 2 ish miles "briskly
Felt crap, funny that, booze free yest, hydrated, and slept for 8 hours
26/12/2002 at 16:02
Must be a different type of cold. Probably put the kybosh on the railways if we had it here, though!

6.5 miles sounds much longer in metric - that's over 10k!
26/12/2002 at 16:03
26/12/2002 at 19:45
Cooking tea, so i guess psi must be around too
26/12/2002 at 19:50
bad Pix
Pain in front of knee, hmmm
Chondromalacia patella?
Mo I dont know orthopaedics
On call ok, but had to back into hazzie at midnight, back at 2 am
(baby doc really clueless, and lazy)
Chicken for tea, with roast carrots, parsnips an tatties
Sod the diet
26/12/2002 at 19:54
Merry Christmas one and all :-)

(JJ lets out a hugh sigh of relief that's it's all over for another year)

Can't be too long as I'm due to be festive and cuddly with Mr J in front of roaring fire and hound of Baskervilles.

I got running gear for Xmas and so RAN on Christmas day :-)

Hopefully normal service will resume soon.
26/12/2002 at 19:55
Well let him post on the forum then
he might like it
I had some lovely pressies
I thought your mr was home on Boxing night?
26/12/2002 at 19:56
EP good run well done.
Benz good job being on call over Xmas.
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