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Thurs 13th Feb

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13/02/2003 at 23:22
10 miles south(?) of Leeds - but only 5 miles down the road from me so it would be quite handy
13/02/2003 at 23:23
I don't really think the points allows for sensible portions either but I promised myself I'd do it properly for a few weeks and see how it goes. And I did lose weight last week so......
13/02/2003 at 23:24
Good luck with getting in then BA. I know the area just north of Leeds reasonably well (family in Wetherby) but geography is not my strong point!
13/02/2003 at 23:25
I thought narna butties were zero calories for runners cos they're muscle-fuel.

Must go to bed soon. With some chocolate.
13/02/2003 at 23:26
Vrap - apparently not. Wish they were though! Maybe when I start running again.

I'm off to bed now. Early start tomorrow. Night all.

(and Iain before Wimbledon I lived in Carshalton so we'd have been even closer neighbours then!!)
13/02/2003 at 23:27
ah, South london
i lived in tooting and mitcham
13/02/2003 at 23:27
....And a hottle-bottle, because it's a bit chilly tonight. When I was running this afternoon, I had three layers on top of my undies and kept my gloves on the whole time, and was none too warm.
13/02/2003 at 23:28
night sleepy heads
13/02/2003 at 23:29
Night-night folks! See you all in the morning once I've managed to offload the students on to my long-suffering, hard-working partners. Or on to Lay-Zee-Boy.
13/02/2003 at 23:29
Blinking flip - Tooting, Mitcham and Carshalton - we really were close!!

Were you at St. george's by any chance Hippo?
13/02/2003 at 23:30
yes iain
the medical polytechnic of the south west
13/02/2003 at 23:32
Night those of you who are popping off!
13/02/2003 at 23:36
OK - I'm off too - just waiting for the kettle to boil :-)

Night xx
13/02/2003 at 23:37
13/02/2003 at 23:54
14/02/2003 at 00:14
Too late again... Night all
14/02/2003 at 00:16
night . .
14/02/2003 at 00:53
btw, a story for JJ. I once worked with someone who had been a medical researcher. One of his studies, on wound healing, required creating the wounds in the first place - by sandpapering pigs. Wounds had to be a certain shape etc

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