FFF Club Christmas Eve 2002

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

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24/12/2002 at 12:56
No thought it would be lovely!

er dunno - usually get money - and a few bits and peices - what about you?
The Evil Pixie    pirate
24/12/2002 at 12:58
well my parents have got me a heart rate montor cos mum still likes to spool her little girl!

other than that not sure
think I have a pedometer from the in-laws
24/12/2002 at 13:00
will have to go soon - hope you have a lovely Chrimbo - catch up with you in a day or two?

Big hug!!
The Evil Pixie    pirate
24/12/2002 at 13:01
yeah be back online on boxing day i think
24/12/2002 at 14:09
I left work early
tee hee
off for a run soon
24/12/2002 at 14:12
Hi benz. Merry Crimbo!
24/12/2002 at 14:17
And you chimpy
24/12/2002 at 14:26
Hello everybody !
24/12/2002 at 14:26
rwally going out soon, the sun is out and its light
24/12/2002 at 14:28
I've just started my shift :(
24/12/2002 at 14:29
When do you finish
Im doing 25 hour one tomorrow
24/12/2002 at 14:33
I finish when the jobs done , isnt that nice ....so it could be today - christmas day but hopefully in a few hours ...wheres that big power cable ...
24/12/2002 at 14:34
Yeah, pull the plug out
24/12/2002 at 14:36
At least I dont have to work tomorrow
24/12/2002 at 16:25
inspired by Benz recent post - just been out for 4 miles / 40mins - not exactly record breaking but I feel absolutely er ...shattered
24/12/2002 at 16:27
Hurray for BGA !
24/12/2002 at 16:32
Didnt much enjoy my 3 miler either
24/12/2002 at 16:42
Bloody hell. Looks like we've got us a quorum! I didnt run but DID get my hair cut.
24/12/2002 at 16:42
Im wrapping pressies
God i hate the taste of sellotape
24/12/2002 at 16:43
I once cut my tongue on sellotape !
41 to 60 of 323 messages
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