FFF Club Christmas Eve 2002

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

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24/12/2002 at 21:00
you mean Drs cant eat then - or they dont get freebies?
24/12/2002 at 21:01
think I preferred chicken to turkey when i used to eat it - turkey always tooo dry - and too much for days after!
24/12/2002 at 21:02
Erm, we dont seem to be included
Now most of the juniors do 12-16 hour shifts
But we still do the full monty
Still, ill probably feel sick wiv pringles , or be too busy to eat
24/12/2002 at 21:02
Psi you still around?
24/12/2002 at 21:03
Hello all!

I see the conversation has turned to the only appropriate topic - food!!
24/12/2002 at 21:03
24/12/2002 at 21:03
loads of food on the wards - wont nurseys look after you as you must be theyre fave doc?
24/12/2002 at 21:03
Sorry that should also have included alcohol.
24/12/2002 at 21:04
Possibly alcohol and then food.
24/12/2002 at 21:04
Hiya Fi - what you eating - i mean how you doing?
24/12/2002 at 21:04
Hi Fiona
Hubby wrapping me presies, so darent venture downstairs
Hope hes cooking omellette as well
24/12/2002 at 21:05
Nursies are FAB
Bur they only do 6 hour shifts at Xmas
24/12/2002 at 21:05
No alchohol here - think I would just get very very very pickled!
24/12/2002 at 21:06
how come you get 20 + hour shift then?
24/12/2002 at 21:07
I am
4 double/treble gins
Dopnt let me drink port
Ill be fine off the red stuff
At least ive stopped snivelling, not pretty
24/12/2002 at 21:07
when you next due a holiday benz- can you get away for a break ?
24/12/2002 at 21:08
Bune, us senior docs arent coverd by the directive
24/12/2002 at 21:09
want a hol,ALONE
But have 12 days to take, will need to find somewhwere to live
24/12/2002 at 21:09
At least it was in the bath - i was choked up in starbucks listened to all those bluegh christmas tunes last week!
24/12/2002 at 21:09
i'm still about :)

i was just looking at a greetings card site which ripped off a website made by someone else! not terribly interesting :)
101 to 120 of 307 messages
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