FFF Club Christmas Eve 2002

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

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24/12/2002 at 21:09
Have to go, sos, hes bein well you know
24/12/2002 at 21:10
ok benz - maybe catch up later !
24/12/2002 at 21:11
did you see the link on Weepiglets thread - the reindeer one!
24/12/2002 at 21:12
bye, later peeps
24/12/2002 at 21:19
ok benz. later :)
24/12/2002 at 21:20
Hey spicy bune - what link?
24/12/2002 at 21:20
weePiglets thread on general - Happy Christmas - its cool !
24/12/2002 at 21:22
Going to look now.
24/12/2002 at 21:24
also bune: try this for a 'knowing' smile ;)

(note: links to Flash animation, make sure you have your sound on)

24/12/2002 at 21:30
hahaha LOL Psi!

i used to love those middle eastern kebabs from the rusholme Chippy - with loads a chilli sauce!
24/12/2002 at 21:31
eeh. rusholme

i "heart" being able to get food any time of the day or night, 365 days a year

24/12/2002 at 21:31
so what you 2 got planned tomorrow - long run?
24/12/2002 at 21:34
I know what you mean Psi - when I venture back home to the cheshire sticks - its weird not having late shops and 24-7s ! I mean what do you do if you want choccy/fags/milk /loo roll/etc/etc/! I dont think there is a 24 hour garage in Nantwich !
24/12/2002 at 21:35
Spicy - I still cannot run - so I am eating and drinking too much!

No surprise there.

How about you?
24/12/2002 at 21:35
you will of course grow tired of that Psi :-]]
24/12/2002 at 21:35
tomorrow? i'll probably go for a run before xmas dinner. that way those carbs will be absorbed nice and easy :)

how about you?
24/12/2002 at 21:36
Hey come and live in Dorset, forget 24 hour shops we just have very few, and they are scattered far and wide.
24/12/2002 at 21:37
mmm - well the chest lurgy has finally gone and i think arun would do me good - so as long as its not sheeting down it would be nice to go for it - otherwise trying not to overdose on chocolate and shortbread!
24/12/2002 at 21:37
How is the lurgy - has it disappeared completely?
24/12/2002 at 21:38
How DO you manage Fi! }}
121 to 140 of 307 messages
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